Thank You GED Academy

I am 37 years old, and I just passed my GED test the first time I took it. I knew it wouldn’t be easy; it’s been almost 20 years since I didn’t graduate. I purchased access to GED Academy and studied for about 2 months. This system WORKS.

Throughout my career as an adult, I have been able to stay afloat without my diploma, but hanging over my head was the constant fear of discovery. I have been worried that my employer would discover my lack of educational certification. As I worked my way through one promotion after another, I eventually hit a wall. A job that I was being moved into required proof of a H.S. diploma. I didn’t want 10 years of hard work to hold me back, so I sublimated my pride, registered for the test, and took it.

It was scary. At my age, it was difficult to enter the testing center and not feel ashamed by the younger folks’ stares. GED Academy prepared me to overcome that fear through preparation. Much of what I had forgotten in my youth came back to me as I studied for the GED. I re-learned things that I had forgotten I even knew to begin with.

My main points of advice for anyone thinking of taking the GED are these:

  1. Take the GED or whatever test is available in your state. Don’t let a lack of diploma hold you back. Take it while you are young enough to remember much of what will be on the test.
  2. Take ownership of your learning. You have to prepare for this test as if your future depends on it. You CAN pass. But you need to study as if you are afraid to fail!

Also, The GED test administrator called me today and asked me come in and talk about my options at a local community college. She is sending me info on two GED grants I may be qualified for, and is recommending I begin taking CLEP tests for credits toward my degree. This whole process has been rewarding at a very personal level.


Ty, GED Academy graduate