I Want to Help My Parents

I’m 15 years old right now and a freshman. I started high school last September and it was awful. Then I quit that high school after a month because I realized I was wasting my time. After quitting school I enrolled at independent study, academic intervention charter school. At first, I thought I would learn stuff and might like the school, however they gave me so much homework, which gave me so much stress. The teachers don’t ask if I need help or help me at all and I actually feel awkward to talk to them. Now, I started realizing that since I started the school I started hating studying too. I feel like I’m doing my homework without understanding anything and I’m just focusing on completing the work on time.

I don’t know what I want do for my career. All I know what I want in the future is to be able to support my parents and to be in a job that I like.

My family definitely supports me. Sometimes they help me with my homework because they know how frustrated I am doing my work. My parents are absolutely motivated and continually inspire me to be a better person and to work harder. My goal in life is to give my family a better life in the future because they inspire me so much.

I was actually born in Japan and I just moved here in the U.S. two years ago. At first it was hard for me because I barely understood what my classmates were saying and I was always homesick and still feel the same way. I learned a lot of things when I moved here. I was always motivated and I knew how important education was, but my teacher was not good at teaching and didn’t give us homework so I got used to not having homework. It was really hard for me when I started the independent studying high school and I think adjusting to high school was very tough for me. Right now I can speak English really fluently, but I still need a lot of help of many subjects. For example, reading, writing, math, social studies, and science.

To be honest, I am not sure what path I should choose. I have no idea what my future will look like so I’m afraid to make a big decision. I know how important education is and I know I need to study and learn so I could have bright future. I’m not sure if I should quit my school and start the GED or just stick with my school. As I said before, I don’t know what my future will look like and I don’t know what’s best for me and the people around me. My hope is I can do my assignments without hating doing them and actually learn something and gain my knowledge. All I want is to gain knowledge and be successful so I could help my family and many other people who needs help.


Kate, GED Student


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