I want to become a Marriage & Family Counselor

I started getting my GED in 2014, I passed three subjects then got pregnant and stopped so after I had my baby boy. I went back and took the test but didn’t pass it so I got discouraged and didn’t go back but one day in 2019 I said to myself “it’s about to 2020 I tried of working warehouse jobs, I really wanna follow my dreams and the month of November I said to myself let me schedule a test so I hit it and boom.. then the two weeks I studied on mine with the GED every night before bed and I prayed to God saying “God can you please remove this laziness out my body and give my brain the strength to pass” and that morning of my test my babies said “Goodluck Mommy” and I went there and passed with a high score! GED isn’t that hard we let our stress take over, always take a deep breath and study as much as you can and you can do it.. In January 2020 I’m planning on going to college to become a Marriage & Family Counselor! Good Luck to everyone who’s trying to get their GED!




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