I Don't Have Stability

What motivated me to get my GED credential is that I have two handsome boys, also I work around highly educated people who I can’t quite relate to at times. Plus my place of employment has so many educational programs that I’m interested in, but I don’t have my GED diploma, meanwhile these courses require a college transcript which I can’t deliver at this time until I complete this GED program. Plus my husband and I just bought a house and new car.

Well, at first, my husband didn’t quite look excited. I guess it required a lot of time away from the family. I was attending community college two nights a week, but it was only 10 weeks, and didn’t retain much information.

I have been offered great jobs, but lack a degree, plus I couldn’t remember the basic math skills, so I try to avoid jobs that require math. Well, by preparing for the GED test this will solve my problem and take the test and pass it. I need help in everything (MOTIVATION), plus it’s been 20 years out of school.

I hope to gain a new start in life, plus I will be the first to go to college in my generation. I hope to become a social worker or LVN nurse, just want more choices with my career with no limitation. Because I have everything, but I don’t have my GED and stability.

I’m hoping by March or April to go test for my GED test.


Stephanie from Texas, GED Student


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