Get Back Up and Keep Trying

What motivated me was realizing that I need an education to get anywhere in life, and second, with how much the GED would be a great fit for me. My friends and family have basically helped me by pushing and pushing for me to just get SOME education for a diploma whether it be GED or High School Diploma.

One problem I have faced has been failing and having to keep trying, because in my past life I tend to give up at first sign of failure. My hopes are that I encourage myself to further my education so that I can get a well paying job and to be able to get the job of my dreams. I am totally not sure what exactly I want to do yet but I will be looking into things.

I have recently passed my GED math test and am going for my science next. I have failed language arts a few times, which I’m not sure why, I thought that it was my best subject. Apparently it’s not. What I have gained is that I can get back up and keep trying when I fall.