Fighting for My Life

I felt like I did not have a choice, to get my GED. At first, no one helped me since I didn't tell them about my situation. After I tell them the truth, I was free. That is when my brother started to help me. Most of the time I motivated myself and prayed a lot.... mostly I used GED Academy and it helped me.

Math was my weakness I did my best everyday as much as I could, and at the end, God found a way and proved to me if I worked hard, he would do the rest for me.

Right now, I am enrolled to a nursing program, even though I am still feeling afraid of failing somehow. I have hopes I will find a way. My journey is not easy, but I am a believer and I will walk in faith and always do my best.

Anyone out there, please don't stop. Please you can do it: if I did it, trust me you can, too. Believe in yourself and take care of yourself. Eat right, because you need a well-balanced body in order for you to stay focused and fight for your life. I am still fighting. Only you can change your life. You need only to make a choice. I love you! Yes, you, and you, and most of all love yourself.


Yendy from New Jersey, GED Student


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