My Best Bet Was Getting My GED

I wasn’t doing well in high school and when I graduated my grades were horrible. I started college, and after the first term the school said they couldn’t only accept the college placement test and they needed my grades from high school. After I finally got the confidence to give them my grades, they turned me down and said that my high school grades didn’t meet the minimum grade requirements for me to stay in their college. I was devastated.

I went online and frantically searched every where for online high school diploma programs, then I found a website that said “beware of the online high school diploma” and "beware of fake GED." I read more and found out that most online high school diplomas are not accredited and are not accepted by the majority of colleges and universities, so I realized that my best bet was getting my GED certificate. I was 16, and I had graduated early so I had nothing to loose. I have been doing the GED Academy’s GED classes online and it has worked wonders. It’s very fun, interesting and educational and a lot better than sitting in a boring classroom all day cramming textbooks and memorizing notes. The best thing about this online course is you don’t have to do any cramming or memorizing, you just have to listen and pay attention. The GED Academy saved my life.

How has your family helped you? My family have been motivating me to be the best in everything I do.

What problems have you faced? Everyone has faced problems. The best way to solve any problem is to stay calm and use your brain before your body.

What are your dreams and goals? I want to become a defense lawyer and a singer. I also want to get a scholarship to get into Harvard law school.


Zainab, GED Student


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