Gaining Confidence

Not having a diploma has always been a pain in my side, always feeling ashamed when the subject came up. When my daughter started school, I started volunteering in her class. I was later asked if I would be interested in working for the school and if so, they would like to hire me. I then realized that I would only qualify for the position if I had my GED certificate.

My family has been wonderful! My husband has always believed that I could accomplish anything and my mom is paying for the GED program GED Academy in view of her support. I want my daughter to be proud of me and to know that school is very important.

I have faced many trials in my life, and from a little girl starting school, the foundation that was laid out for me was detrimental to the success that I would have in school. I am still trying to overcome these issues but I have resolved in my heart that I am going to do this for me. I deserve it.

I know that a GED certificate does not define who I am as a person, but I feel it will help build my confidence in myself and to get rid of that shame from walking out as a senior in high school. I won’t have to look back anymore but only move forward. I plan to get the job and be proud of myself!


Dina, GED Student


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