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The Best Solution

Shae from West Virginia, GED graduate

The school I transferred to was the definition of very poor public education. Coming from an elite prep school I felt like I was just getting dumber sitting in those classes. I switched to an online school, but lack of testing facilities and help from adults made me give up on that. However, the freedom I got from not sitting in a class everyday made me feel like I could not go back to a different high school. A GED seemed like the best solution I could think of.

All my family and friends continuously nagged me about graduating and everything, and I was going to wait till I was 18 because I had to in my state, but I went to stay with my grandmother and I was able to take it there, so my mom called the school for me and all my family supported me doing it. I was very self motivated, but that may just be because my family and friends instilled that I must obtain some sort of diploma into my brain.

When I was studying all night and in class all day at the high schools I attended I was often sick, unhappy, and tired. By getting out of that endless rut and getting my GED I am a lot better off. I see myself maybe not getting in to some colleges I would have if I had graduated traditional school, so I might have to start at a community college and transfer but overall it’s totally for the best.

I hope to go to college first off, but before that I am working my second winter as a snowboard instructor, and hoping to go to New Zealand and then Colorado. I will pursue my dream of snowboarding, one day I hope to be someone respectable in the industry.

I always had good grades, and I could deal with school, but the GED was just better for me. So I know I am a minority of people with their GED, but for me it was a way to go follow my dreams earlier. I may even be the youngest level 2 snowboard instructor if I attain my certification this winter. I get to spend everyday on the snow while all my friends sit in class. I feel I made the right choice and I wish more people followed their dreams and didn’t follow society’s silly rules. Lots of people I know look down on me for dropping out of high school but it’s not that I could not have graduated, I could have with honors too… the whole thing just seemed pretty pointless, and I was able to avoid all that wasted time and put it into my passion of snowboarding. I also learned more about just living by not being in that crazy class, sports, study, sleep, class, etc schedule. I ended up getting a pretty high score on the test and am considered valedictorian so really everything has worked out for the best, and I don’t really think leaving high school will really end up having negative effects on my overall life.

The Best Solution

Shae from West Virginia, GED graduate


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