I Finally Woke Up

Being a single mother just woke me up to realize that I need to get my GED certificate. I can’t have my 1-year-old daughter thinking it’s okay to not have an education. I knew school wasn’t for me, and dropped out in the 9th grade. It wasn’t any use at the time to go to school. I always slept in class, and never paid attention. But now that I’m 23 years old, I know that I can’t make it in life without a high school equivalency diploma.

My little brother always asked me why I never finished school, and it has been in my head ever since. I need help in math and the GED Academy online has helped me a lot.

When I get my diploma, I want to go to college for massage therapy. It has always been my dream to massage people’s shoulders, backs, and feet, and for them to tell me I have great hands.


Yarsheka from Alabama, GED Student


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