I Just Knew it Was Something I Had to Do

Nothing really motivated me to get my GED, I just knew it was something I had to do. I came from a foreign country where I finished high school and graduated. Unfortunately the college in the states that I wanted to go to would not accept my foreign transcript. So I did the GED test and followed the steps from my GED classes and my own GED test prep.

Truthfully I was inspired by my sisters and cousin. They all saw what they wanted from life and worked for it. People look up to their role models so that’s what I did. When I did the GED test, I underestimated the math exam and in return I failed. So I promised myself to work extra hard to pass it. I made 32 sticky notes with formulas that didn’t come on the test and test questions I found tricky or difficult. I practiced every known question regarding the formula sheet and the practice tests.

Well since I have my GED certificate now, my current next step is to achieve my degrees in the healthcare field and become successful. I am determined to succeed by all means necessary. I will cut down each obstacle that comes my way.

I did the new and improved GED exam in 2014. The only thing I hated about it was the calculator on the computer. I think it slows people down, but I got around it with the second round.


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