Sharing Success Stories

I hope you’re all doing well with your GED test prep, and staying focused on success. Each one of us studying for the GED test share a common bond, we all have intense determination, fierce pride, and the unquestionable ability to accomplish our goals.

I can relate to how desperately everyone wants to succeed, and how passionately everyone wants to achieve their goal of passing the GED test...... I am here to confirm, like so many others before me, that it can be done.

I have a success story to share with everyone. I have come to understand how possible it is to achieve the goal you have set your heart to accomplish, how wonderful and powerful determination is, and how liberating success feels. I have recently written the five GED tests, (including the essay.) I was just notified of my GED results. My GED scores were good. I passed all five tests, and have now received my GED certificate.

This is a wonderful feeling, and I want to convey to everyone that the goal of passing the GED test is definitely within your grasp. Always remember, you are completely capable of achieving this goal, so do not become overwhelmed or too afraid to put your heart into succeeding. I am here to say it can be done. Will it be easy? No, it takes determination and commitment. Will it be fulfilling? Absolutely! Does it give you the power to change your future? Absolutely! You suddenly understand you are in control of you future, and you are not a victim along for the ride. It gives you the power to achieve anything you set your mind to and put your heart into accomplishing. Then you only need to decide where you want to go next, and how far you want to go.

I wish you all the best of luck in achieving this wonderful goal of passing the GED test. Remember, even when things are tough and life seems all uphill, you have the ability and power within yourself..... to accomplish anything. So set your heart to accomplish this goal and accept nothing less, then watch your abilities amaze you, and feel the empowering liberation as you hold your GED certificate in your hand ...

Good luck and best wishes!


Batnuni, GED Student


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