I Just Want to Help People

I did not drop out of school. I never gave up trying to pass grade 12 when I was in South Africa. I just couldn’t get it and kept failing. I decided to work for a call center which my parents recommended to me.

When I later moved to New York, I knew I needed to continue with my education. I heard about a GED program, then immediately decided to try it. It was not easy at first, because I had to be put on a waiting list for enrollment. They never called me back.

This year in July I decided to just try the GED test. I got my results, and they are not good at all since I did not study that much and had no idea how the test would look like.

It hurts me so bad. I couldn’t finish the writing or math on time. Word problems are my main problem. I told myself I’d never give up on my goal. I want to be a nurse. I’ve been motivated by the people whose stories I read about how getting their GED diploma changed their lives. They motivate me a lot and make me want to study everyday until I’m comfortable with everything.

My friends tell me to never give up and keep trying. They are working good jobs and their lives are comfortable. Seeing that just make me hungry for my GED diploma. My mom and dad always tell me that God will see me through. I should study hard, never fear, and never give up. You can fall down, just make sure you stand up and keep moving no matter what. It’s hard to see myself with nothing when my friends are moving forward. I hope to get my GED with all my heart. GOD. I want to do nursing and help people. My dad inspires me because he never gave up in his education. He kept going back to try over and over again. He did it. That was long time ago, in the 50s. Then I look at him and myself. I know I can do this. My dad did it five times and never gave up. That’s my motivation and my friends who are moving forward with their lives.

Right now I can’t get a job because I don’t have an education. I’m not happy at all. I feel like I’m a loser and no good. But everyday I kneel down and pray for God to comfort me. I’m able to solve my problem because of God. That’s how I solve everything I face in this life. People look down on you because you have nothing, and they have their degrees and all that. I just tell myself to not allow them to get to me, because my time is near. I tell myself that I will move mountains soon, and I will keep digging until I find that diamond I’m looking for. The road to success is dotted with thorns. It’s never easy. You just have to keep your head high no matter what and keep moving till you can’t anymore.

I need help with math, especially words problems. Those are my problems since I took the GED test and I have seen my weaknesses. I saw what gives me problems. Questions like, “This person earn this much and her commission is this. How much does she get In a month?” That’s just an example. I don’t know where to divide or add or subtract. Percentages?

I’m learning now but I need more help with math as a whole. I do try to learn more these days. That’s why I joined the GED Academy to help me. I’m looking forward to test again in November. I’m sure after these next few weeks, I’m going to be more comfortable with all the GED questions.

I hope to gain knowledge and understanding, so I can succeed. After I get my GED I’m running straight to college to get my degree. Just saying that makes me smile.

I want to own my own business, and continue learning after getting my degree. I just want to be in the medical field and gain more knowledge. I want to own an orphanage, so I can help those who need it most: kids who don’t have parents. I want to take care of them and better their lives in any way I can. I love helping those who are in need. Of course I’m going to do something for my parents after I get my degree and get a job. I just want to thank them for standing by my side everyday of my life. My priority now is to pass the GED test. That’s my first mission. The rest will follow after I accomplish this.

I can not wait. Please people help me achieve my GED!

I don’t have much else to say, other than to thank the GED Academy for giving me this chance to share my story with everybody. I’m looking forward to getting started. Thank you.


Pabrah from New York, GED Student


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