Be Stronger Than Fear

I like that I don't have to fear anything anymore; what happened in the past is simply in the past.

My mum was kind enough to be with me through the entirety of these past few years. A major problem was being categorized as someone who got pregnant, who did crime, who is lazy. I want to make my mother proud, my family, my friends...but also I need to be proud of something so grand being accomplished. With said victory, I can muster up courage to talk to people, to pursue dreams, to study music and acting, to be happy, to know who I am and what I can surpass and overcome. You just have to be a little stronger than that fear. You just have to be the bigger person and stand tall before those obstacles.

At the start of high school a few years back, it was already not working out quite well, for a growing teen with severe social and generalized anxiety. It was an expensive college preparation all girls’ Catholic high school in which there was already immense pressure to succeed. I dropped out as the doctor and therapist recommended. I then went to alternative schooling which was also expensive, and dropped out of that.

I've planned to take this test for years. This test is going to open doors for my future, it'll be a great light and guidance to the rest of this lifetime. And today I'm really grounding myself to study and leave the past in the past by simply moving on to taking and passing this test next month. Drop outs are not failures though we may be seen as such, not all of us are delinquents.

To anyone who's struggling, know this; no matter what happened that has gotten you in this slight predicament, it's over and done with, what's left is to just take that first step and study hard and anything can be achieved if you truly desire and believe in yourself. Face your biggest fears head on. Wish me luck guys. Cheers!


Ellie from Illinois, GED Student


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