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Free GED® Practice Test

By Leonard Williams, Personal Tutor

Free GED® Practice Test

The GED Academy is an accelerated learning program that comes with a complete online GED practice test to make sure you’re 100% ready for the GED test.

The quick, free GED practice test gives you a preview of GED practice questions and an introduction to the GED test. We’ll also give you a quick review of how ready you are to pass. The free GED practice test only takes about 20 minutes, and gives you great advice and tips for answering GED questions.

A GED Teacher’s Advice

Why take a GED practice test free trial?

Two reasons: First, take the practice GED test free online to see how ready you are for the GED test. Second, get practice with authentic GED practice test questions, find out what the test is like, and get free tips and hints. Your GED practice test free results will show what you need to brush up on to pass.

How accurate is a free GED practice test?

Our free GED testing online practice is designed to give you a rough approximation of how you’ll do on the actual GED test. The free online GED practice test has only two questions in each of the five subject areas covered on the GED test. The questions on the free GED practice test online are the same type you’ll find on the actual GED test, but since there are only two questions it isn’t a complete measure of your readiness for the GED test. The test will give you advice on what brush-up you need and what you can do to pass.

The full GED test has a lot of easier questions than the ones on this quick free online GED practice test. We use some more difficult questions to predict your score, within a likely range. Don’t be discouraged if you did not get a passing score. With a little brush up you’ll do fine.

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