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The GED was easiest.

I dropped out in the tenth grade, and was procrastinating about getting a H.S. diploma or a GED certificate for too long. I first tried the H.S. route but that was expensive and would take 1 to 2 years. So I tried the GED test. I passed it right away and got it in less than 2 months.

Shawn Armstrong, 24, from Seattle, WA

Never give up!

I decided to get my GED 16 years after leaving high school. I had gone straight from school into work, which I hated and didn’t enjoy, but I thought that was all I could do since I didn’t have a diploma. One day I decided to see if I could do something about it. I started researching online and found out that I could study at GED Academy and get my GED... Not only did I pass, I got the highest score possible in the Language Arts-Reading exam. I was thrilled and couldn’t stop smiling. The hard work really does pay off, and if you really want something bad enough, then it can be yours!


I passed the first try!

At first I thought the GED Academy program was too good to be true. No way it could do everything it said. But their online classes for GED were really very good, actually kind of fun to do. Did I say that?! And I passed the GED test in just 2 months of studying. Thanks.

I got tricked by a fake school!

At work they told me I could get a better job in this different department if I had my H.S. diploma. I went online and signed up for this school. All I had to do was take this GED test online and in two weeks and $225 I get the diploma. They said it was a “Life Experience” high school diploma. Yeah, you can guess what happened. I got the diploma, only it turned out not to be a real one. And they checked up on the school at work and well, I didn’t get the job. I learned my lesson, if they promise a GED certificate online they’re a fraud. Guess you can’t get anything for nothing.

William Hillman, 26, from Dallas, TX

Your online GED courses saved me.

I procrastinated for years about getting my GED certificate. I even enrolled in classes a couple of times, but then I quit before the end. Seemed too much like HS, if you know what I mean. Finally I said that’s it, going to get this thing done. I did the GED Academy online GED courses and it was much better than the classes. I took the test last month and passed everything but the GED mathematics test. Going to take it again next month. I’ll pass it this time.

Anthony Cruz, 25, from Atlanta, GA

Thanks for all your help.

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. GED Academy is excellent. Thank you. I had problems in math and spelling. One time I failed my test, but then I read my GED Academy book and studied and passed all my tests. My goal was to get my GED and go college, study computers, web, or assistant medical. Get a big house and live happily, with big money. Get married, have kids, and beer! Thank you.

Ricky, 38, from San Antonio, TX

The GED was my ticket to college.

I dropped out of high school at the end of tenth grade, but you could say I dropped out the first day of the ninth grade. I didn’t have the motivation or anyone to push me to do my work... My family doubted me along the way, but I proved them wrong. (My dad asked me if I cheated when he found out I got the GED.) I received my GED in July 2009, I am now attending CSN (College of Southern Nevada) in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking my required classes, and in two years, I hope to transfer to UNLV (University Of Nevada, Las Vegas)... I just want to thank GED Academy and everyone who has put the effort into making this program work!

Andrew, 17, from Las Vegas, NV

I love your math course!

It was really helpful. I tell you I don’t know what it is, but whenever Leonard teaches, everything just clicks. His online GED class is so much easier to understand because he relates everything to everyday life. And I feel like he’s not talking at me. That was my biggest issue in school. I felt like the teachers were talking at me instead feeling like we are going to figure this out together and we will take it step by step. That’s the feeling I get when I do one of the online GED courses, like we’re figuring it out together. The students help too. They make me feel less insecure because we have the same exact feelings. I’m really happy with the program. The books are great but I get confidence from Leonard’s classes and that encourages me to study on my own.

R.C. from San Diego, CA

I didn't think I could do it!

When I started studying for the GED test it looked way too hard. It had been years since I was in school and I didn’t do very good when I was there anyways. I was really afraid of failing. But I stayed with it. I really wanted to be better. Took almost a year to do it, but I passed last week. I’m very proud of myself. I’m going to enroll in a college now and get a degree in nursing.

Margie Hodgeman, 34, from Peoria, IL

I have a learning disability.

I’m dyslexic and have trouble reading. It’s like it just goes by me without sticking. And my writing is worse. Can’t spell nuthin. Your GED study program really helped because I can listen to people talking about the ideas. Everything makes much more sense. I really like Maria, and the other characters too. Dwayne is funny and goofy. He makes me laugh.

Jessica Bridges, 42, from Milwaukee, WI

The classes do work!

I wanted to let you know about the portion of the Reading class where Leonard explains the tones in the poems and what the poet meant. If you guys ever update or change the site do not take that part out. Let me tell you on my test there were like 3 pages of questions just like that where I had to find the tone and figure out what the poet meant. I was very prepared so the classes really do work.

Alexia Reed from Wilmington, NC

I passed my GED!

Hello everybody at GED Academy! I have passed the GED exams and got an average score of 518. Your course has helped me a lot and I would never have passed the GED without this awesome help... I am proud that I got my GED and very happy with it, especially after I learned that no one from my country has attempted that before! Again, thank you very much and keep going, GED Academy!


English is my second language.

I didn’t think your GED classes online could really help me because my English isn’t so good. I came to this country 4 years ago and am still learning English. Your online GED programs really helped me with my English because I could repeat the talking when I didn’t understand. It really helped a lot. I passed the GED test the first time because of the GED Academy courses. Thanks.

Guadalupe Martinez, 24, from Bronx, NY

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