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A GED study test can give you an idea of what the GED test is like. But it can do a lot more than that. Our online GED practice test will give you practice with authentic GED sample test questions and get you ready by explaining in easy-to-understand language. We give you instant feedback and teacher-scored extended response questions (essays). But more than that, your online practice GED test tells us what you need to study and where to start. We make a personal GED test preparation learning plan from your practice test scores to guide you on every step. See how fast it is.

We Take the Stress out of GED® Test Prep.

One of the big reasons people don’t pass the GED test is that they’re not prepared. GED practice tests are the first step. We take you all the way to your GED credential by leading you through brushing up and giving you everything you need. See how we make it easy.

Find Out What It’s Like.

Start out with a sample of our online GED practice test by taking a quick 20-minute free practice test that simulates the real GED practice test. It’s free and online. Get a quick estimate of how ready you are for the GED test.

What Is the
GED Academy?

The GED Academy is a new kind of school. It will give you the education you need to go on to college, career training, and new job opportunities. You won’t believe how easy and simple learning can be.

GED Diploma
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How Much Do I
Need to Study?

At GED Academy, you’ll have a unique personal study plan to get your GED certificate as fast as possible. If you don’t have a lot of time to study, you can study as little as one hour a week and be ready quicker than you think.

One hour a week for your GED Diploma
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How Much
Does It Cost?

Save Money

The GED Academy makes GED test prep affordable and convenient. We give you payment options that will work for you so you can afford everything you need to prepare for the GED test online.

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How Hard Is
the GED Test?

The key to the GED test is preparation. We make the GED test easier than you think by helping you brush up on the right skills, in the right way. We’ve helped thousands earn a GED credential and go on to new careers and colleges.

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How Accurate Is Your GED® Practice Test?

The GED Academy online GED practice test will predict how you’ll do on the GED tests very accurately. The test questions mirror the same ones you’ll find on the actual GED Test. When you pass our practice GED test, you can feel very confident you’ll do well on the actual GED test. In fact, we guarantee it in writing.

Most states will soon have GED testing online but will require taking the GED test at official Pearson Vue centers. It will never be possible to take the GED test online in your home. The reason is simple. There would be no way of knowing who was taking the GED test.

The GED Academy offers a GED practice test free. It’s a short, 15-question free GED practice test online that will give you a rough idea of how you’ll do on the actual GED test. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t do well on the practice GED test free sample. Everyone needs to brush up on basic skills to do well on the GED test and using a GED practice test online is a good way to start. Follow three easy steps to get a GED credential.

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