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At GED Academy, we make the GED test easy by helping you brush up on basic high school skills in the right way. Our online courses give you practice questions with an authentic GED sample test. The GED Academy practice test is scored in the same way as the GED tests, guaranteeing accurate results. Your pre test online includes two essay questions that our instructors personally evaluate. Your online GED testing program keeps track of your progress and tells you exactly what to study to pass the GED test. Try our quick free practice GED test to see how you’ll do on the actual test.

GED Academy’s full online GED sample test gives you practice with hundreds of GED practice test questions in all five subject areas. We include a math practice test, science practice tests, reading test, social studies practice test, and writing practice test, including the essay. Our effective math practice and algebra practice get you ready to pass the math portion of the GED test. Soon we will offer our complete GED study program in Spanish.

Because our GED practice test is online, it tells you immediately how you did on your practice test for the GED. The GED test online explains in detail what the correct answers are and analyzes your wrong answers so that you don’t waste your time. You learn as you practice with our GED study test.

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