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Should You Get a GED Certificate Online?

You have many options to prepare for the GED for free. GED Academy has a GED test online for free, free GED classes, and free GED online study resources. People often wonder, can I get my GED online for free? Well online tests for the GED are fakes, and they’re not free! You can only take the GED test at an official GED test center. The cost varies from state to state, but the average is $40. You can get free prep though. A good source for a free class is your local GED community college or adult school. Your local library may have GED-for-free classes and GED courses online for free.

You may be tempted to buy an online GED certificate from a website. Be very careful. Most of these websites are scams and prey on people who don’t take time to do research and check the website’s background Many fake GED online test websites are not even owned by American companies. Getting a GED for free or buying a fake diploma may seem like a good idea until you try to get a job or enroll in a college. My advice is to take time to do it right and you’ll never be sorry.

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