Homeschool Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Program Work? Is it Guided?

The GED Academy accelerated learning program is a guided program that delivers a customized learning plan to each individual student. A student takes a practice test in each subject, and based on the student’s performance, an initial learning plan is put together by system. As the student progresses, the learning plan is modified based on the student’s performance and needs. Because learning is customized, the student moves forward faster. Our learning program also gives you the flexibility to choose individual lessons and explore outside resources to enrich learning.

How is the Program Personalized?

Each student’s learning is tracked by the program, which chooses the lessons that will enhance learning most. Personalized learning works with your student just like you would: as a personal tutor, helping make the most of independent study time. Find out more about personalized learning.

What Subjects and Topics Does the Program Cover?

The GED Academy program covers reading, writing, math, social studies, and science at a high school level. Our full curriculum includes both remedial and advanced lessons for all levels of secondary education students. See a comprehensive overview of our learning content.

Does My Homeschool Student Really Need a GED Diploma?

Many home school students graduate with a home school diploma, well prepared for college and careers. However, not all institutions honor a home school diploma. Colleges, technical schools, and employers acknowledge the GED exam because it is a standardized test with a clear way of comparing your learner to others. Though a home school diploma may be well-earned, some institutions simply won’t accept it.

The best way to find out if your home school student needs a GED exam is first, to check your state homeschooling requirements, and second, to contact employers or schools your student is interested in. Because employers and schools all have differing requirements, it’s best if you can contact each school or employer for their policy on home school diplomas and GED diplomas. The GED test credential is accepted by 98% of colleges and universities and 96% of employers as equivalent to a high school diploma.

Can I Use the Lessons Even Though My Student is Earning a Homeschool Diploma, Not a GED?

Homeschooling is one of the largest growing segments of education, and at the forefront in taking advantage of emerging technologies. Home schools are constantly on the lookout for online home school curriculum and resources. The GED Academy’s program is well suited to fit into a home school curriculum, with over 200 hours in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies instruction. The goal of GED Academy has always been education first, not teaching to a test. Focusing on critical thinking skills, enrichment, and accessible lessons, GED Academy can be a valuable addition to any home school curriculum.

Isn’t There a Stigma Attached to the GED Exam?

Some parents feel that the GED exam has a stigma attached to it, marking their students as “drop-outs.” The reality is that the GED diploma is an alternate high school diploma that meets a lot of different needs. Some GED earners had difficulties in school, personal problems, or health issues. Others pursued early careers, started families, wanted to go to community college early, or left school to help out at home. Many people missed out on a high school diploma when it wasn’t as important a credential as it was today and then found the workforce changing around them. And some GED students are home school students who want a credential to show their achievement, and even to apply to scholarships.

The GED’s primary purpose is to put all these individuals on an equal ground that colleges and employers can easily evaluate. Though some individuals attach a stigma to the GED exam, the truth is that 98% of U.S. colleges and universities and 95% of employers accept the credential without discrimination. Actors, athletes, judges, politicians, and business leaders have taken the GED exam and gone on to success. The GED test credential is awarded by your state department of education, making it the gold standard as an alternative to a traditional high school diploma.

Can the Program Help My Student Achieve Scholarship-Level GED Scores?

Yes! Even students who never thought they could pass the GED exam have achieved scholarship level scores with GED Academy. The GED Academy can prepare the best and brightest for high-level GED scores, filling in gaps, refreshing knowledge, targeting the critical thinking skills on the test, and increasing familiarity and comfort with the standardized GED test.


Elizabeth Christensen, Homeshool Parent Teacher


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