Homeschooling for the GED® Test

A Parent's Perspective

“I went through a lot of problems with my daughter. She’s bright but just didn’t get along in school. She had trouble adjusting to high school, and she just wasn’t going to have enough credits to graduate. We decided together that the GED® and community college was the best way forward. I came to the GED Academy for help and guidance to make sure it happened.

“I had home schooled for years, but at the high school level, I knew I needed some good extra content, especially in math. I integrated GED Academy into my home school curriculum, and the high school lessons aren’t just GED prep. They enhanced my kids’ math skills better than I ever could, in an easy, independent learning program, where I can really track progress.

“The college my home-schooled son wanted to go to required a GED diploma. I turned to GED Academy for test preparation. My son had a lot of knowledge, but he needed to fill in some gaps and make sure he was ready to face a standardized test, something he hadn’t dealt with before! Because he was prepared, he didn’t just pass. He got scholarship-level scores.”

Choices for Parents and Homeschool Curriculum

Perhaps your child is struggling in school and wants to prepare for the GED exam as an alternative. Maybe your home-schooled child needs a GED diploma for employment, college, or state requirement. Or perhaps you’re looking for a comprehensive online English or math homeschooling curriculum that’s engaging and motivating. The GED Academy provides versatile options for home schooling.

Individual Student GED Preparation

The GED Academy individual preparation program provides personalized, guided test prep for a single student. If you have one student and want access to test prep and high school curriculum in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies, the GED Academy individual GED program is a great solution.  

The program gives your child an initial assessment, and then based on your child’s scores, it customizes a learning plan with the exact skills that your child needs most.  You’ll also have access to online resources for extra study, a study schedule tracker, feedback on performance, 24 GED, HiSET and TASC practice tests, and over 300 hours of lessons. Best of all, it’s affordable.

Group GED Preparation

If you have multiple students and want more administrative tools you can sign up for the GED Academy’s group program. You can save money, track individual student progress separately, and access administrative tools to track progress and provide support. Call us at 800-931-8069 to find out what option is right for you, or find out about group pricing on our educator’s site.


Elizabeth Christensen, Homeshool Parent Teacher


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