What Good Is a GED® Certificate?

What good is the GED? How will it help me?

As an instructor, those are the questions I hear most often about high school equivalency tests. They are also my favorite questions to answer. Here are some facts to consider:

  1. A high school equivalency (HSE) diploma will help you get a better job. Employers would rather hire someone who has the basic skills to pass an HSE test than someone who doesn't. Earning a diploma means the graduate has the fortitude to successfully finish a difficult test. It's not a small thing! (But it doesn't have to be as hard as you think.)
  2. You can expect to earn more money in your lifetime. Research shows that people with a high school diploma or equivalent make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people with no diploma. 
  3. Passing the GED test or HiSET exam test will make you more valuable to your employer. You'll have proven your basic writing, reading, math, and thinking skills. You'll probably find it's easier to get a promotion or training once you have your diploma.
  4. Most specialized training programs require either a high school diploma or equivalent. And with a HSE diploma, you can take college classes or enroll in vocational school.
  5. You'll feel better about yourself with a diploma. If you pass the GED test or HiSET exam, you've accomplished something that only 60% of high school graduates can do.
  6. Consider the impact of your educational achievement on your family. That alone goes a long way; it's priceless.

How Can I Get My GED?

Passing the GED or HiSET, test doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time. The secret is to prepare. Know what's expected, and brush up on the important skills you'll use. You have a lot of resources. There are online programs to help you study. You can get a test guide at a bookstore, library, or online. You probably have a local low-cost or free class in your area. The trick is to make a plan, start it right away, and stick with it. Your HSE diploma is closer than you think.


Bert Silva, Educator


Benefits of the GED