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Vanessa, Florida

Vanessa Bordt

I am the quintessential example of how a GED allowed me to pursue my dreams without a high school diploma. 15 years after the fact, I am proud to say that I have obtained a BA degree and as well as a JD from an accredited ABA law school. None of which I could have done without first having gotten my GED. I remember when I decided to "drop out" of high school. I went all the way through 12 grade by the skin of my teeth, not because I was stupid or couldn't successfully complete a high school education, I withdrew because I was tired of the pressure to be an A student. I wanted to get out of school, get out of my house and prove to the world I would still be someone spectacular and could successfully move on to a higher education.

Well, as encouraging as my story is, I will say that I was motivated to quickly get my GED and apply to a 4 year university. I was not accepted into my desired program and was wait listed. As I questioned the admission counselors at the different universities as to the determining factor in having been wait listed, I was met with the same response. There were too many applicants with a high school diploma and a calculated GPA, therefore my GED and SAT score was not going to compete. However, armed with my GED and motivation for a higher education, I was not going let those big named universities break my stride. I began my course study at a community college. After completing 3 semesters with honors and holding my GED certificate, I was granted acceptance into my preferred university with a transfer scholarship. I didn't wear a cap and gown for high school, but thanks to my GED, I did wear one when I graduated with my BA degree.

My education didn't stop there. My dream was to attend law school. This was another process in which obtaining my GED was a focal point. Despite graduating with honors from undergrad, I had to explain how a "high school" drop out could compete with other law school applicants. Really? The answer was quite simple then and is now. A GED is a high school equivalency diploma. It did not set me apart when it came down to completing college courses. There were plenty of high school graduates who did not graduate with honors or who didn't graduate with a degree at all. Furthermore, as I wrote in my personal statement to law school, there is a special quality in GED recipients which your ordinary high school graduates can not argue. That is this, GED recipients understand obstacles, life events, circumstances that led us to take the GED exam instead of completing the standard high school education in the first place and yet we are still here; just as motivated and determined, if not more, than a high school graduate and obtaining our GED is the first representation of that drive. So, to my fellow GED students, you are on the path to great things. Whether it be a higher education, a higher paying job, or just for your own acknowledgement that you can do it. You are doing it! Congratulations on deciding to get your GED. These study courses are extremely helpful whether you recently withdrew from school or have been out of school for some time. Honestly, just a few hours per day in refresher courses and you're on your way to obtaining your diploma and whatever dreams may follow.

Vanessa, Florida

Vanessa Bordt


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