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Organization is a tool of communication, not an arbitrary imposed structure. The writing course teaches organization of sentences, paragraphs, and complete work. Students learn to effectively communicate through developing and supporting a main idea, and organizing work in a natural way that includes a beginning, middle, and end.

Sentence Structure

Lessons emphasize how subjects and verbs function as the building blocks of basic and advanced sentence structure. Students learn about phrases and clauses, run-on sentences and sentence fragments, modification, parallelism, and coordinate and subordinate clauses. The focus of lessons is on clear communication.

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Usage and Mechanics

Usage lessons cover verb tense and subject-verb agreement, as well as clear use of pronouns and referents. Beyond mere language rules, students learn to improve their writing through avoiding cliches and awkward wordings, as well as avoiding confusing shifts in point of view. Language mechanics covers basics that students should be familiar with to communicate clearly and professionally, including spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Essay Writing

Students learn fundamentals of essay writing, including what is specifically expected from the extended response essay and how to work on a timed essay. The lessons include information on how to read prompts and how to self-evaluate writing. Students practice writing their own essays, as well as practicing editing and revising student essays.

Writing Test Familiarity and Practice

Gaining practice with multiple choice questions as well as the extended response essay, students familiarize themselves with what to expect from language arts portions of high school equivalency exams. They will be better able to focus on answering the questions instead of navigating the interface.

Writing Lessons and Exercises

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