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Unifying Concepts and Processes

Lessons cover systems, order, and organization; evidence, models, and explanations; change, constancy, and measurement; and form and function across scientific disciplines. Students use analysis, application, evaluation, and synthesis to respond to ideas about scientific processes. These fundamental ideas introduce students to the way the world works in organized, comprehensible systems.

Science as Inquiry

Science as inquiry is about investigation and the scientific method. Students learn about the concepts inherent in scientific thought, including asking questions, planning and conducting investigations, using tools and techniques, thinking critically about relationships and explanations, constructing and analyzing explanations, and applying scientific knowledge.

Science and Technology

Technology is the aspect of science most obvious in our everyday lives and is relevant to adult learners of every level. Lessons in science and technology focus on students’ ability to make decisions in identifying and stating a problem, as well as applying scientific ideas to solve problems and recognizing the appropriateness of solutions.

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Science in Social and Personal Perspectives

Science affects students’ everyday lives and decisions both on the individual and social level. Science lessons cover personal and community health issues, environmental issues, and issues of natural and human-induced hazards. The emphasis is on understanding fundamental concepts, and being able to apply, evaluate, and analyze ideas.

Science Test Familiarity and Practice

Students learn strategies for approaching high school equivalency science tests and get practice with online test questions. Students learn how to understand visual and textual science information, think through that information and its implications, and make thoughtful answer choices.

Science Lessons and Exercises

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