The Personalized Study Building Process

Adaptive learning assesses each learner's educational needs, then builds a customized instruction plan, personalized for each student.

  • 1. Define the Student’s Learning Goal.

    Students start their study by selecting a study goal that directs their learning. Students’ study goals drive their efforts and give them clear focus. Each time they complete an assignment, they see movement toward achieving their learning goal. Each step is a step forward, and progress is made of small victories, an important component for teaching adults. It’s a feel-good kind of learning, very different from the feelings of failure past experience has marked upon many students. Motivation accelerates learning by keeping students on target and excited about their goal.

  • 2. Ask Students to Make a Time Commitment.

    Next, students commit to a study schedule. The study time tracker will monitor students’ daily study time and give them feedback. Students build time management skills and get direct feedback on how their study time contributes to their success toward their learning goal. Students take responsibility for their learning, thereby increasing their engagement, motivation, and inclusion.

  • 3. Find the Gaps.

    Our built-in assessment process is key to personalized learning. TABE® and CASAS® and GAIN® assessments fulfill NRS reporting needs, but they are not well-suited for creating and maintaining effective individualized learning plans for adult basic education. Our assessment process is multi-dimensional. It first identifies gaps in the student’s academic background in each subject area and selects lesson activities that will build skills and knowledge to meet the student’s learning goal. As students study, the learning system tracks their progress and modifies the students’ lessons according to their performance.

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The Result: A Personalized Learning Plan

Each student experiences a customized learning plan that is tailored to what he or she needs every step of the way to achieving a learning goal. Teachers can customize the plan through effective learning management. Most importantly, the learning plan adapts on the fly as the student moves through it. We’ve created sophisticated learning algorithms that look at the student’s performance and suggest interventions to maximize gain. It truly is like having a personal tutor sitting next to your student every step of the way.

A Game-Changer for Adult Basic Education

Think about it. If you could give every one of your students a truly personalized learning plan that adapted to performance, wouldn’t you see huge gains in learning? We’ve done it successfully with thousands and thousands of adult learners. They learn faster because they have a clear path to achievement, control of their own learning, and the freedom to let themselves succeed. Students are not held back by peer pressure, having to keep up with the rest of the class, or having to sit through boring lessons they already know. This is a game-changer for adult basic education: customized learning that adapts to student needs, providing individuated education throughout any classroom, in adult schools, adult learning centers, adult community education programs, and the entire adult basic education system. Find out about our learning content.

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