Time for a New Generation of Learning Technology

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The first generation of educational software was designed to mimic textbooks and worksheets. By most ways of measuring success, the results have been disappointing for adult basic education. But a whole new generation of educational technology has been born that gives both the student and the adult literacy teacher amazing ways to accelerate learning. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching adults, now every adult literacy student can get exactly what he or she needs to maximize understanding and acquisition of basic literacy skills.

Adult learners have little patience with continuing education courses that are not relevant to their needs or are not interesting and motivating. This is why text-based software has had limited success. It does not engage the learner cognitively or emotionally. It’s passive learning.

How Does Interactive Instruction Teach?

Adult literacy students engage in a lively virtual classroom where they encounter virtual students who confront the same learning challenges. Further, our virtual classroom students bring a richness of multiple learning styles and interactivity that is simply not possible with text-based instruction. Interactive learning is far more fun and entertaining than memorizing rote formulas and information. Take a look and see what we mean.

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No Interest, No Engagement

Why do we use virtual characters in the program and not just single dimension text-based instruction like the other adult literacy software? Students can relate to our characters. They generate interest and relevance. By creating a multi-dimensional learning experience, we greatly increase engagement both cognitively and emotionally. The dialogues are where the real learning takes place. Research has shown that students learn dramatically faster and retain more because they develop a deeper understanding rather than a one-dimensional memorization of facts.

Teaching with Multiple Learning Styles

Each of the virtual characters brings a unique learning style that maximizes the depth of understanding of your adult literacy learners. Abstract material is presented from different perspectives so that all learners get it. Content is cemented in concrete examples and practical applications. The result is that your students will be able to apply the concepts to real life situations and make easier transitions to higher level post-secondary education.

Embedded In Real Life

Too often, adult literacy education is like learning to play tennis by being told the rules and practicing forehand, backhand, and serving without every playing or seeing a tennis match. Students are taught algebra and parsing of sentences without being given any idea of how algebra or parsing might be useful in their lives. We don’t teach that way. Our lessons are embedded in real life. Students learn to write by writing memos to fellow employees, or business plans for something they are passionate about, or letters to ex-husbands about custodial issues, or applications to schools for their children.

Learning Outcomes


Students will be able to do everyday math for the home and workplace. Students learn fundamental numeracy, including number operations and number sense; measurement and geometry; data analysis, statistics, an probability; and algebra, functions, and patterns. The focus of mathematics lessons is on application of math concepts and conceptual understanding. More about Essential Education math.


Students learn how to make sense of and think through basic science concepts in everyday life. Students will learn how to read, understand, and utilize scientific texts, diagrams, charts, and graphs. Lessons focus on comprehension, analysis, application, and evaluation of science ideas in Earth and space science, physical science, and life science. More about Essential Education science.

Social Studies
Social Studies

Students will be able to understand and think through social studies ideas and problems in their everyday civic and home lives. In the social studies lessons, students will learn how to read, understand, evaluate, and utilize social studies texts, images, charts, and graphs. Lessons focus on comprehension, analysis, application, and synthesis of texts, images, charts, and graphs covering history, geography, civics and government, and economics. More about Essential Education social studies.

Language Arts, Reading

Students will be able to read everyday work, school, and home texts, as well as prose, drama, and poetry. The language arts, reading portion focuses on comprehension, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of texts. Students examine fiction and non-fiction texts, including drama, poetry, prose fiction, workplace documents, and argumentation. More about Essential Education reading.

Language Arts, Writing

Students will be able to communicate in their everyday life through clear writing in the home and workplace. Writing lessons teach students basic sentence mechanics, usage, structure and organization. Writing is approached as a communication tool, and students will learn how clear and cogent writing helps in their everyday lives. More about Essential Education writing.

GED Computer Essentials
Computer Essentials

Computer skills are a must for school, work, and home life. Students should understand and exhibit the nine digital literacy skills: understanding and using technology, digital citizenship, identifying needed information, finding information, organizing information, interpreting and showing information, evaluating information, creating digital content, and communicating in a digital environment. More about the Essential Education Computer Essentials course.

Essential Education Accelerated Learning Program

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Self-paced and self-motivating interactive instructional lessons for every learning style

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Provides practice in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in three books.

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