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I’m a mother of 8 children. I have to take medication for bipolar and PTSD. I’m married. I’m staying at Open Door Mission hopefully for 6 months. I’m trying to (Read more...)

get better on my recovery from being an addict since I was 15. My children are in the system and I’m hoping to reunite with them and become the mother I always wanted to be. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. My parents are separated. My mother was part of my life for the most part. At the moment, I’m doing what I can on my own. My husband is also incarcerated and on his way to treatment long term. I’m pregnant and trying my hardest to get my kids back soon with me. That’s what makes my life whole.

I realized I needed my GED when I came to Open Door Mission because I know I always wanted it and tried getting it but never got it because I have a learning disability. Maybe that’s why it was to hard for me. Open Door Mission are the only ones helping and pushing me towards my GED. I am still struggling because I need guidance, someone to show me and tell me how and what to do.

My dream is to get a license for care giving for the elders or kids.



Back in elementary school and middle school it wasn’t hard for me, I didn’t get straight As and Bs but I did get good grades and understood most of the things. But once i got (Read more...)

into high school BOOM all my grades went from that to straight Es/Fs. I don’t want to be that person that won’t be able to graduate or get a job because I dropped out and I didn’t graduate. I want to be something in life. I want to make my boyfriend and my child happy. I want to show my family that I made it without them.

When I found out I was pregnant and told my boyfriend he talked me into moving in with him so I said yes. Now we live together which made me and my mom not talk to each other but she still wants me to move back in. I can’t move back in because she wouldn’t let me keep my baby and if she did she wouldn’t ever let me see my boyfriend ever again. I love both my boyfriend and my child and I’m not going to let anything get in between us.

I am going to have my child and I want to be able to tell him/her I made it through every hard step of the way. I only have my boyfriend and my mother-in-law to inspire me to finish my high school or get my GED.

I want to become a nurse for the Special Ed kids. I want to be able to play with them, tell them stories, talk to them, etc. I’m really good with children. I love them. I’ve taken care of all my siblings and I just love spending time with kids but there’s something about Special Ed kids that draws me. By getting my GED I will be able to tell my child in the future I made it ! Through every obstacle I made it, with only your father there for me.



I am 17 and I recently dropped out of high school and I am considering getting my GED. When I made this decision my family and my only best friend supported me 100% and I was thankful (Read more...)

for that.

I myself never really liked going to high school, I had medical problems and I was sometimes made fun of. So that’s when I knew I didn’t want to go to school anymore and decided to get my GED. Then once I get my GED off to college I’ll go and become a CNA. That was always been my dream job and now I want to make it true.



My fiancé motivated me to get a GED even though I’m nervous what it’s like to study in a foreign country. They’re all very supportive because I’m doing it for (Read more...)

myself and also for my kids and my family. I want to feel good about myself so that I am not self conscious to face people.

The problem I am facing is that I doubt if I can make it or not or if I’m welcome since I’m a Filipino. But my fiancé encouraged me to give it try because it’s like a now or never opportunity and we don’t get any younger. I am hoping that after I get a GED I will be able to go to community college, especially in nursing field, and also hoping to learned more fluently in English. I have dreams and hopes and I believe GED is a big step for me to succeed.



About Me: I’m getting my GED because I need a better job.

Why Get Your GED: I’ve had no problems. I just need my certificate.

Dreams: The need to finally join the (Read more...)

rest of civilization. I was an abused child. I left home and school at 13. I need to become whole.

Comments: I choose to help others as well.



I want start my new business to fix computers. I will apply for job so that I can start new school. My friends have helped me a lot. I want to get my GED because I want to start where I (Read more...)

left at college. I am doing this for my friends and family.



My boyfriend motivated me to get my GED. We knew that we wanted to be together forever, which includes me migrating, and not having my GED would definitely cause an obstruction in terms (Read more...)

of not finding a job, which would make things difficult for us both.

Tony helped me with the research, and once I read all about what GED was about and having read the success stories, it really helped motivate me, and I believed that I too can definitely do this! It seemed like a dream in my mind and a part of me sometimes thought that I just may not be able to do this! My 8 year old daughter also motivated me. I wanted her to see her mother study hard, and be successful which will in turn show her the importance of education.

I didn’t finish high school because there is no alternative opportunity in my country. I knew a lot about various subjects with the exception of Math. Studying for the GED was about understanding and breaking things down from scratch, ensuring that each item is understood before moving on to the next level. For me, Math was by far most challenging, but I understood it.

Now that I have my GED I plan to migrate and apply for a job. Once I have settled in my new country, I plan to go to college. I plan on setting an example for my daughter so that she can also go to college. I’m really excited and looking forward to great opportunities. I can no longer be ashamed of not having my GED, and I’m much more confident in myself. I feel on top of the world, and if I can do it then I believe anyone can do it! Don’t be afraid to get started today! You can do it! The time is NOW!

Thanks to Pearson Vue and to GED Academy for making a difference in my life. I’ve never been happier.



I’ve been stuck in the same job and I am miserable and have no future. I want to make a better opportunity for myself and my future so that my kids won’t see me like this (Read more...)


I’ve been jealous of my cousins and friends that they have gone far and gotten a good education. They are now registered nurses in Norway, United States, and my country because of all the hard work from school they did. One of the biggest things is that they have diplomas that helped them to achieve their dreams. My husband motivated me and encouraged me to get the GED so I won’t be stuck on the bottom and not to waste my time. Also, I have a friend telling me to get the GED so I can go to college and get the career that I want. My husband is an electrical engineer and graduated from San Luis Obispo University in Santa Maria.

I just don’t want to be stuck in the job and the same field I’ve been in. I’ve never been happy and I’m miserable especially now. It’s hard for me to find a job because I don’t have diploma. If I go to agencies they ask for a diploma or GED. I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. I feel like a useless person and I go home sad and depressed because I don’t have a diploma or GED.

Sometimes, I remember my past and I have a lot of negative thoughts in mind. I should’ve gone to school before so that I wouldn’t be struggling to find the job that I like now. With a GED or diploma it is very easy to find a job. I want to go back to school to get my degree but I don’t know how to start because I don’t have confidence. I haven’t gone to school in a long time since I only completed elementary school. I wish I graduated like my cousins and my siblings. I’m really jealous of them that they have diploma and they have lots of confidence because they have diplomas. Some of my family thinks I have one but I lied to them because I’m embarrassed to tell the truth. At agencies, if I go to apply and there’s school history to fill out, that makes me uncomfortable. I’m still haunted with shame and so I lie because I don’t want them to know. I really want to get my GED so that I’ll be proud of myself and stop lying. I want them to be proud of me. I have so many regrets in my life about education. If I’d stayed in school, I would probably already have finished college 5 yrs ago.

I took an exam to get a diploma in my country but I didn’t pass. I was pissed and angry at myself. I feel so stupid, like a failure. Now I’m 32 and it’s been 19 years since I was in school. I don’t know if I can still do it but I’m hoping and sending lots of prayer to God to help me out.

I want to be a nurse or a business woman someday so that my family will be proud of me. I have a lot of dreams in my life that I want to achieve - to be a good mother and for my children to see that I have an education and have more confidence so that they are not embarrassed anymore that their mother has no education.

I really struggle with math and essays. But when I was in elementary school, I really liked Math but it didn’t stick. My husband helped me with math but I still don’t get it. He made me cry sometimes. He is so tough on me. He wants to make me understand. I went to community college and the teachers were good but it didn’t help me to remember.



Why: I realized I needed to get my GED when I was finally tired of working these dead-end Jobs and not getting anywhere in life. I wanted to go to College but without a High School (Read more...)

Diploma or GED, I knew no College would have accepted me. I not only wanted a Job, I wanted a Career that would last a lifetime.

Why you Left High School: I wasn’t close with my family for the past year or so. When I first started my GED Classes the only one supporting me was my boyfriend of 4 years, and brother in law. He would get mad if I even missed a class.

My Dreams: What I hope happens now that I have my GED is to finally go to college for Dental Assisting and well I know obtaining my GED is just one step closer.

It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.



As I grew up, I felt ashamed when I saw the rest of my family with a diploma. But I took the test 3x. The first time I was so excited, but I failed. Not only did I fail the test, but I (Read more...)

felt like I failed myself. After 15 years, I decided I was ready to take another chance. I did and I failed again. I know math hates me and I hate math, but it was on my bucket list.

On the next try I went in the room with a more positive outlook. I just needed to pass math. I looked at the questions and it looked as if it was another language, but I tried my hardest. After 2 hours, I found I passed. What a feeling! I never gave up. I was tired of being asked if I had a diploma.

My husband and daughter never let me give up. I am proud of myself. Now I don’t have to lie about my diploma. I did it. Being I’m 55 years old, I hope I can be an inspiration for other people my age.



Why: Every time I’m asked about my education I have to deal with whether you don’t know if I have my h.s. diploma or if I should lie about it. Or just walk away because you (Read more...)

don’t want no one to find out.

Why I’ll succeed: I am succeeding by telling myself it’s important and it’s easy but only if I make an effort to do it. Many days I faced each problem with my head held up high because once I passed the test on one of the subjects on the first try it gave me even more security that I can do this.

Dreams: Well this was the main step I needed to complete. I am pushing myself to the no limit zone because now I will continue to go to school to advance my career.



About: My aunt got her GED and she always knew how to be successful in life and a lot has been happening in my life during my teenage years.

Why you Left: Some of them are very (Read more...)

supportive and some of them make fun of me.

Why Get Your GED: My parents got a divorce when I was 10. I was told one day when we had a family meeting outside. So I was numbed for about a year which led me to being home schooled. I then had to move VERY quickly and I had to stop for a while because of that. I’ve had severe anxiety, OCD and tourette’s my whole life and that made everything spike rapidly. I never really got help because I thought I’d get over it. I miss the happy, adventurous version of myself. Now I have many insecurities and I think I’m just weak.

Dreams: I have always had very good grades to be honest. I love learning because I want to know as much information before I die.

Comments: I am a musician and I have played publicly about 5 times at bars/restaurants. Music is one of my passions. I have famous musicians as references. I want to go to college and get a regular education but I don’t want my anxiety to get in the way.



I have struggled in school since the middle of 7th grade when I moved. My grades all dropped and eventually I stopped going to school. So my mom enrolled me in a K12 virtual academy. (Read more...)

That didn’t last long because I couldn’t stay focused on doing the work. Now I’m a junior in highschool and I know the material. But they told told me even with summer school I’ll have to repeat my senior year. I don’t really get along with my principal. I get sick a lot and the school gets mad, since I can’t always get into the doctors to get a note. I really just want to be done with highschool so I can move on with my life, go to college, and open up my own coffee shop.

My mom fully supports me on my decision. But she’s a busy woman and doesn’t have time to figure out how to get me enrolled in GED classes. Though we both know I can’t take it till I’m 17. Which I’ll be turning in 4 months. We need to know how to withdrawal from my current school to enroll in GED classes. Once we withdrawal how to find a GED testing place.

My Dream is to finally move on and go to college. Hopefully by the time I’m 25 I’ll have my very own coffee shop.



Life has become hard and living is a struggle nowadays. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade. Three years later I tried to get back to school for adults to get my diploma. But I (Read more...)

was on and off. I only needed a few credits to go plus the exit exam, but I failed the exam, which lead me to give up. I tried to look for a job, but most jobs required a HSD or GED. In that point I didn’t know anything about GED. I later found out about community college which had open entry. I registered and completed one semester but didn’t pass it. I stopped going to college, to discover later on that can’t get financial aid nor graduate without HSD or GED. I then just backed off and told myself I need to start off from the right first step which going for my diploma again.

I went back to adult school for HSD to find out a week after about something called GED from a student I met in school. I learned from that student that I only needed to take five tests to get a GED which seems pretty awesome to me. The next day I talked to the principal about transferring to GED instead of HSD which will take me up to 2 years to earn my diploma. He asked what made me change my mind ? I said that I wanted to give it a try. So I did. I registered for GED classes for math and science which are the difficult subjects to me. I studied them for 2 months, and then I signed up for the tests. After I signed up and after being so excited and motivated, I discovered that November and December of 2013 was the last chance to pass the test because of the reset (2014 new version) of GED. And even if we only need one to pass, scores from 2002 version won’t count. I was frustrated, but I didn’t give up and I did my best. But unfortunately I only passed 3 and failed math and science the 2 subjects I studied for the most. After that I just walked away and forgot about the GED. And now, here we go again. I’m going to give the GED another try and hopefully I pass it this time. Because I really need to move on with my life and career. Yesterday I heard someone said that previous scores are counted, it was big relieve to me, because if it’s true, then I only need 2 tests to pass, but I’m not sure. So wish me luck...



I was bullied my entire school career, but the Lord Jesus has been faithful. When I had to endure each school day being harassed, bullied, taunted, pushed down stairs etc..... I felt (Read more...)

like nothing great in me was left, but then I heard of this wonderful academic program & a new motivation was placed within me. Jesus showed that if I find refuge in the shadow of his wings all that negativity will be a thing of the past.

I’m not perfect & never will I be that.... I’m just much better than I was yesterday. I’m becoming a new me & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m letting go of all the distress & toxic people that I regarded as family. I’m doing what’s right for me & no words can describe how renewed I feel.... I hope you all that will come across this mini biography will deeply & truly feel empowered that nothing is impossible if you have Faith. Put in the time & life into what you desire; it’s not any easier but it will get much satisfactory than you will ever imagine.

With a GED Diploma I know the heavens will be the limits. Firstly I’ll go into a college or University to study further towards a Degree in Business, Human Resources & Performing Arts. I realize that my Diploma will make me reach for my goal towards being a Professional Model with a voice, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!



The reason I want my GED is that I want to get a good paying job. I’m tired of lying on my job applications about the education I didn’t have. Everyone has been supportive (Read more...)

but at the end of the day, I had to want it more than they did.

I failed myself in life. I’m very thankful for my wife and kids. I’m just trying to better myself and let my kids know that life is all on you. I’m going to get my GED.

Hopefully I will be working for the DMV or working towards getting my ASE certification to be a mechanic. I love cars, working on them and really appreciating what they do. I really would love to get into the lowrider bizz.

Anyone that tells you that it’s too late is wrong. You can do anything that you set your mind on. I tell my kids that you will only go as far as you want to see. the more you want to see, the farther you will go. Keep the FAITH.



I want to get my GED to move through high school faster, and find an easy way to college. All I will be doing in high school is going to school, not learning anything, and be in bunch of (Read more...)

drama. My cousin recommended that I just find a way to get my GED and go to college.

I’ve gotten into many arguments with girls at school. I try to avoid it but they just get to me. I want to get my GED and go to college.

My dream is to go to college and become a doctor. I’ll be going to work at the same time and go to college. I want to have my own house and become the doctor I want to be.



I was motivated to get my GED to get a better job and to show my son never give up! Everyone in my family and at work all motivated me to finish strong.

I have been working at the (Read more...)

same job for over 10 years that does not require a GED. I applied for a better job and had 2 interviews and felt I did very well, but when asked what education I had, I skipped the topic and talked about my experience. I didn’t get the job. I was hurt and embarrassed. Three days later I began to study online free videos and lessons for the GED. Then I also bought GED ACADEMY online.

Everyone who gets their GED should go to college to further their education. I would too but I am going to move out of country and run a business on a beach and enjoy life at a young age.

I dropped out of school in the beginning of 10th grade. I stopped doing school work in the 8th grade. I am ADD, and wouldn’t pay attention to anything I am not interested in. I work 2 full time jobs 72 to 80 hours a week, and have a 16 year old son and a wife. I was studying very hard for less than 3 months, I passed all my 4 test individually on each try without failing. I can finally get sleep and get 1 really good job now. I’m so happy and proud that I accomplished getting my GED. If I can pass the tests anyone can if they just put in the study time to prepare. My resources were test prep skills, mometrix and of course the GED ACADEMY Online.



What motivated me was realizing that I need an education to get anywhere in life, and second, with how much the GED would be a great fit for me. My friends and family have basically (Read more...)

helped me by pushing and pushing for me to just get SOME education for of a diploma whether it be GED or High School Diploma.

One problem I have faced has been failing and having to keep trying, because in my past life I tend to give up at first sign of failure. My hopes are that I encourage myself to further my education so that I can get a well paying job and to be able to get the job of my dreams. I am totally not sure what exactly I want to do yet but I will be looking into things.

I have recently passed my GED math test and am going for my science next. I have failed language arts a few times, which I’m not sure why I thought that it was my best subject. Apparently it’s not, haha. What I have gained is that I can get back up and keep trying when I fall.

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