eLearning Adapted to Correctional Education

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High Interest, High Motivation

Inmates often take classes because they have to, not because they want to. The challenge for correctional educational programs is to get inmates motivated and interested in learning. We have solved this by creating a new generation of learning technology built on high interest and motivation. Our teaching in-prison program takes place in a virtual classroom of real students who share many of the same issues as your learners. All of the learning content is presented in multiple learning styles so that every learner develops a deep and thorough understanding of basic concepts and skills. Find out what we teach.

Everyone Treated with Respect

In the often segregated and incendiary environment of adult correctional education, it’s critical that everyone be heard and respected, and that every inmate student receive the personal attention they need to maximize their success. A built-in assessment creates a customized learning plan for every single student. Each learner is treated individually so that they quickly develop the skills they need to obtain their High School Equivalency diploma and to reenter the job market.

The GED Academy, TASC Prep Academy, and HiSET Academy for corrections educational programs address various learning styles, works with the wide range of inmate skills, and respects the cultural diversity of learners. The instruction is engaging, motivating, and sustains interest of learners at all grade levels.

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Fast Track for Short-Stay Inmates

The inmates education population is often transitory and requires flexible instruction that not only accelerates learning, but gives administrators the ability to adjust quickly. Because it provides stand-alone, self-paced learning, GED Academy, TASC Prep Academy, and HiSET Academy offer the flexibility for students to adjust the pace of learning. The program is effective for federal prison education, state correctional education, and inmates in county jails. Students are often able to complete their entire High School Equivalency test preparation instruction in two months or less because the program identifies exactly what the inmate student needs.

No Internet, No Problem

The complete instructional program is available on CD-ROM and can be easily installed on stand-alone computers or across a Local Area Network in a correctional facility. Technical requirements are minimal and our tech support reps can help you with the installation if needed.

One Year Full-Use License Pricing for GED Academy,
TASC Prep Academy, or HiSET Academy

Pricing is based on the number of student seats used at any one time. Prep program seats are licensed annually. You may reuse the seats when students finish with the program or leave. For example, if you serve 50 students at a time, you would purchase 50 seats. But in the course of a year, you may reuse the seats as often as you need to. There are no limits to the total number of students who may use the program during the year. Requires minimum purchase of 10 seats.

License Reusable Seats Per Seat
Small Program 10-49 $63.00
Single Class 50-124 $52.50
Multiple Class 125-299 $46.00
Site 300-499 $34.50
Large Site 500+ $26.00

For more information or state-wide and multi-site licenses, call 800-460-8150.

Essential Education Accelerated Learning Program

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Online Study

Self-paced and self-motivating interactive instructional lessons for every learning style

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Online Assessment

More comprehensive assessment at less cost per student

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Study Guide

Provides practice in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in three books.

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Learning Management

Know for certain that your students are learning.

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