Taking the GED® Test on a Computer

Computer-based tests can be easier and quicker than pen and paper tests. If you want your high school equivalency diploma, taking a test on computer is a good choice.

Are Computer Tests Offered Near Me?

Depending on your state, you may be able to take the GED test or the HiSET exam to earn your certificate. Both tests are offered on computer. The GED test is only offered on computer, unless you need an accommodation for a disability.

The HiSET exam test is available on computer and as paper tests. However, the computer-based test might not be available at every test center. 

What Are Online Tests?

Official computer-based tests are given at test centers all over the country. If you pass the GED test or HISET exam, you will receive an official diploma from your state government. This high school equivalency diploma is accepted by over 90% of businesses and colleges. If you score high enough on the GED test, you could even earn college credit. You can pass the test on a computer—but be wary of fake “online” degrees.

Some websites offer a "fake" at-home test for a fee, but the diploma isn’t official. You could get fired from a job if your high school credential isn’t real. Remember, you must test directly through your state's testing service to ensure your scores are valid and accredited. 

What Are the Benefits of Computer-Based Tests?

Computer-based tests are great for the essay. Did you know that poor handwriting can lead graders to (unconsciously) give you a lower score? You don’t have to worry about handwriting on a computer-based test. You can also edit much easier on a computer. You can move whole paragraphs or sentences and delete mistakes.

How about this: no waiting! With a computer-based test, you can usually get an instant score. You might need to wait for confirmation of your essay, but most of the time, you’ll know right away if you passed.

And what about those confusing bubble-answer sheets? In a computer-based test, you mark your answer right on the question. You don’t have to worry that you marked outside the bubble or that you marked the wrong row.

Computer tests can often be quicker and easier than paper tests.

How Are Computer Tests Different Than Paper Tests?

The HiSET exam is the same on computer. The only difference is the computer format. 

The GED test is offered only on computer. It includes drop-down questions, drag-and-drop questions, and “hotspot” questions, where you click on a portion of an image to select it. These special question types can sometimes be easier than multiple-choice questions. They often let you express ideas visually, in a way that makes more sense.

Do I Need Special Preparation for Computer-Based Tests?

If you’re comfortable with computers, you won’t need special preparation for computer-based tests. A good online study program for high school equivalency tests can be a benefit. If you’re taking classes online, you’re gaining experience with answering computer-based questions.

If you’re not comfortable with computers, a basic computer course can quickly give you the skills you need. It doesn’t take long to get up to speed with computer test-taking skills!

When it’s time to take your high school equivalency test, consider a computer-based test. It can be quick and easy—with instant results.


Judith Hedley, Educator


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