It's Never Too Late to Get a GED® Diploma

William Adams has a medical degree from Yale University and spent 22 years as the head of the Rose Medical Center laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Now, at 83 years old, Adams has earned another degree: his GED certificate.

Why would a medical doctor go back to get a high school equivalency diploma? When Adams went to college early in the 1940s, he wasn't required to graduate high school. He skipped forward into medical school at a time when the requirements weren't as formal as they are today. In more recent years, Adams has been active in water issues in his community of West Linn, Oregon, and he wanted to earn certification as a water plant operator. That's when he ran into a problem. The certification requires a high school diploma.

Adams' problem is similar to the situation many adults today are facing. In the past, many jobs and opportunities were open to those without a high school diploma. Quitting high school early didn't seem like a major issue since it was easy to enter the job market. That's changed. If a person without a high school diploma or equivalent loses their job, it's much harder to get a new job without a diploma. Promotions, higher education, and changes in career can be closed off, even to a seasoned professional, without a diploma.

The good news is that passing the GED or HiSET, gives adults the opportunity to catch up with a world that demands a high school diploma.

Adams took a practice test for the GED test and discovered that he was ready to get a diploma, a right away. Some adults will have the same experience. For most others, just a few weeks of brush-up is enough to catch up on high school skills and be ready for the test. Even for those who left school many years ago or didn't do well in school, a local low-cost or free course or a good online class can provide quick and easy preparation.

A high school diploma or equivalent is quickly becoming a necessity in today's world, even for someone like William Adams, who has many accomplishments and long-standing career. For the 39 million American adults with no high school diploma, an equivalency exam is the answer. It's never too late to get a diploma and start moving forward.


Vera Meier, Educator


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