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My students come to me with lots of questions. Sometimes they’re afraid to ask them. But the road to success starts with good information. Part of my job at the adult school where I teach is to make sure students have all the answers they need. Everyone wants to know what is on the GED test and how hard it is to pass it.

Know What's on the GED Test

The GED test isn’t like high school. You don’t need to sit in a classroom and memorize facts. The GED test covers the basic reading, writing, and math skills you need for jobs and college classes. You also need to understand, think through, and apply information. 

Know-How Hard the GED Test Is

The GED test can seem challenging, but like any challenge, the important thing is to be prepared. A good place to start is with an online GED practice test

Taking the GED Test Online

Online testing may be available through the GED testing services directly. Check with your state's testing service to find out more. Official testing centers can give the real GED test, and when you pass, your state awards you a GED certificate.

Taking the GED Test Online for Free

The GED test is given at your state’s GED centers, and they charge a small fee. If you’re looking for free resources for the GED community colleges may offer a free GED class, but not the GED test online for free. The best way to get a GED certificate fast is through online GED prep like the GED Academy.  Since I started using it in my classroom we have improved our passing rate by 75%.  

Know What You Need to Do to Pass

You can pass the GED test in a few easy steps. The GED Academy can walk you through taking an online practice test, brushing up on basic skills, and taking the official test at one of the many local GED centers. By the time you are ready to take the test, you will have total confidence in your ability to pass.


Mara Connolly, GED Teacher


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