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What Is GED Academy™

The GED Academy is a new kind of school, an online school for GED® test preparation where your success is guaranteed. To make it easy, we put everything you need online: practice tests, teaching lessons, and books.

No matter how long it’s been since you were in school, the GED Academy online study program makes learning fast and simple. Worried about making the commitment? You can pass by studying just one hour a week.

Why GED Academy

It’s simple. With the GED Academy you can get your GED certificate faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Going back to get your high school diploma doesn’t have to be a long process.

Most of our students can be ready for the GED test in just four to five weeks by studying online every day, or three to four months by studying online one hour per week. We help you reach your fastest learning speed with personalized learning. Instead of the one-size-fits-all classroom, we build a customized learning plan that fits your needs. Learn how we personalize your learning.

A New Kind of Learning

Education is changing! You can use the internet to study online on your own, or even in conjunction with a Blended Learning classroom where technology is used alongside face-to-face instruction. Our GED test preparation courses connect with over 1,000 other online classes and websites where you can explore the exciting world of learning. Who says learning has to be boring? Sounds expensive, but it’s not!

Courses That Put You First

Classroom learning is important, but sometimes a traditional classroom alone cannot give you everything you need – customized instruction that helps you learn best. We’ve created a new kind of school that adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses, one that really listens to you, and that gives you the victories that make learning fun and rewarding. See how you can prepare for the GED test online.

You Are in Control of Your Learning

Everyone learns a little differently. The one-size-fits-all classroom ignores this truth and expects all students to move at the same speed with the same lessons. But learning just doesn’t work that way. The GED Academy puts you in charge of your own learning. You can go at your own speed and repeat things as many times as it takes for the material to make sense. Check out the buying options.


Leonard Williams, Personal Tutor


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