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Can I Be Successful with a GED®?

By Carla Schubert, Educator

Recently, a student wrote on a GED test message board: "I was told over and over again when I was growing up that I am stupid and don't amount to anything." This student's brother says that only losers get a GED certificate, and that if she wasn't a loser, she would have finished high school.

GED Gives Chances

Unfortunately, this is the kind of experience that many young people have in life. Without support, they fail in high school and drop out. This leaves millions of American adults with no high school diploma. The brother's response puts her in a no-win situation, basically saying that now she can only be a "loser."

Far from being something for "losers," a high school equivalency diploma is a chance for people to turn their lives around. Staying in the same place, with a low paying job or no job at all, is not the answer. Passing the GED test, HISET exam, or TASC test is the path to get back on track. It can even lead to college.

GED Graduates

Recently, three students who earned their GED certificates at New Mexico State University were profiled in the Cibola Beacon. All three have gone on to succeed in college and are on their way to new careers. Stefanie Grandjean, mother of a seven-year-old daughter, is studying to become a nurse with a graduate degree, as well as teaching math to other students studying for their GED certificates.

Arnold Davis also works for the GED test program where he studied to get a diploma. He is studying for a degree in automotive mechanics and is active in student government. His future goals include earning a degree in social work. Sandra Daily, after passing the GED test in 2006, already has an AA in general studies and is planning to get a degree in fine arts. Over the course of three months, she went from grade-school level to being ready for college.

Read "GED grads aim high" at the Cibola Beacon.

A Step Towards Confidence

A high school equivalency diploma is a step forward toward more confidence, higher education, and better jobs. Passing the GED test, HiSET exam, or TASC test doesn't need to be hard, and it give you a path toward tearing down those walls built up by voices saying, "You're stupid." Just succeeding at a high school equivalency test goes a long way toward students regaining belief in themselves. Many celebrities and famous people have received their GED just like you. Begin studying for your test here today through our interactive and personalized study program that makes learning easy and fun.

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