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The GED® certificate is the one of three nationally accredited high school certificates available today. The others are TASC and HiSET. They are all accepted by 98% of universities and colleges and virtually all employers. Bottom line: a GED, HiSET or TASC certificate is the gold standard for those who left high school early.

Making Sense of Online Certificates

Be very careful when searching out a GED certificate online. Most online certificates are not accepted by colleges and employers. The reason is simple. If the certificate is earned by taking a test online, then there is no way of knowing who really took the test. This is why colleges and employers insist on a GED, HiSET or TASC certificate.

What If They Say They Are Accredited?

Some online high schools offer an easy, fast GED certificate online for taking an online test, and say they are accredited. If you investigate, the accreditation agency is owned by the same people. It’s a fake, just like the claims of a GED online certificate. An important thing to find out is whether the certificate or diploma will be accepted at the college you want to attend or by employers.

The GED, TASC and HiSET Certificates Are Awarded by State

The high school equivalency certificate is so widely accepted because it is earned by taking an official test, overseen and administered by your state department of education. It might seem challenging to pass, but not if you prepare the right way. TASC, HiSET and GED online prep can be easy!

Don’t Get Scammed

Don’t waste your time and money on websites that claim to give you a GED certificate online. These are scams. They just print out documents on a computer. A real GED certificate is issued to you by your state when you pass the test at one of the official GED testing centers.


Howard Hughes, Adult Education Administrator


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