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Beware of Fake GED® Online Ads

By Juan Kramer, Educator

Search engines are a mainstay of the Internet. They're the way that we find information, products, and organizations. That's why it's so important to take a close look at search results, especially in an industry with a lot of fraud, such as the GED test and online education.

When searching for "GED" on search engines, many legitimate results come up, including the GED Testing Service (GEDTS), the educational body behind the GED test, and its MyGED site. Wikipedia's information page comes up, and so do online prep programs, including Essential Education.

The problem is that the most prominent results on the page are the ads that come up on the top and side of all major search engines. Depending on the search engine you're using, these advertisements might say "Ad," "Sponsored Sites," "Sponsored Results," or "Sponsored links."

However, the ads look much like actual search results. The colored background or tags and prominent positioning that show they are ads can promote and highlight these advertisements. They are paid ads that should be read with skepticism.

Searches for "GED" come up with completely false and misleading headlines such as "Get Your GED Today - Online," "Earn Your High School Degree - Enroll Today," "GED? Take Our Online Test," or "GED HS Diploma online in 10 days." These ads exist because many people would like to take a GED test online or get a quick and easy online diploma. But the GED test is not available online.

The GED test is one of three high school equivalency tests that you can take to earn your high school diploma: the GED test, the HiSET exam, and the TASC test. Which test you take depends on your state. You can't take any of these tests online. The reason is simple. If someone was taking the test online, there would be no way to verify who was taking the test or whether they were following the rules.

Other ads encourage students to "Forget the GED test" or "Finish high school online" based on an online test. These ads are misleading, as well. Online high school diplomas based on an online test or "life experience" are not accepted at most colleges or by most employers, even if the website says that the diploma is "accredited." Fake online schools have fake online accreditation!

Even high school diplomas from legitimate online courses might be rejected by some colleges, government agencies, or employers because tests administered online can't be properly controlled.

Beware when you view search results for the GED test. Companies offering a "GED online" or an online high school diploma are often diploma mills, which sell a diploma for a fee. They don't care if your diploma isn't accepted. A fake online diploma is no substitute for a credential that can open doors to colleges and jobs.

Official high school equivalency diplomas are awarded by your state government. The tests are only given at GED, HiSET, and TASC testing centers. Though you can prepare for the test online, you must go to one of the local centers to get a diploma that will be honored by colleges and employers throughout the U.S.

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