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Are “GED Online” Schools Legitimate?

By Sallie Mack, Educator

A lot of schools promise that you can take the GED® test online, or they offer a “GED online test”. But the online GED programs and GED websites that give a “GED test” aren’t telling you the truth.

You can’t get an online “GED diploma” - it simply is not awarded that way. The pathway to a real GED certificate has two steps. The first step is studying with an online GED test preparation program. The second step is taking the GED test at an official GED test center.

Getting prepared for the GED test online is not like going to high school. Instead of sitting in classrooms, you study online with the GED Academy™.  You’ll find that online GED test preparation classes are quick and easy. You’ll get your diploma faster, and it will be more valuable to colleges and employers. Try a sample GED test.

Our online GED test preparation classes prepare you for passing the GED test the first time. We give you a practice GED test and use those results to see what your GED testing scores will be. Then, we tell you what online GED test preparation courses you need. Passing our practice GED test guarantees that you will be ready to pass the actual GED test. Online GED test preparation courses are the fastest, easiest way to get your diploma. Start preparing for the GED test online, at home, right away. We will tell you, step by step, how to get a GED certificate.

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