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Michael Ormsby, President
What Does It Mean to Get a GED Diploma?

Michael Ormsby, President

Welcome to The GED Academy! I hope our website will answer all your questions about the GED Test.

Getting a GED diploma is no small thing. It means the end of the embarrassment about not having a high school diploma. It means opening the doors to job (Read more...)

opportunities that have been closed. This is a very big thing and sometimes a bit scary.

Most GED high schools don’t take learning for the GED Test very seriously. They don’t realize how difficult it is for most GED students to learn from traditional classroom methods. They’re content in just telling people what classes they need to take and what they need to know. What they don’t do very well is help their students actually learn what they need to know to be successful.

That’s the part we take very seriously. Our computer e-learning programs are designed to make learning really easy, simple, and fast. (Oh, and actually fun, too.) We’ve spent years testing and developing our GED study program so that everyone is successful no matter what grade they left or how long it’s been since they were in school. Don’t just listen to me, though. Take a look. Judge for yourself.

Getting your GED diploma is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. So, get ready for a new start!

Leonard Williams, GED Instructor
Why This Program Will Change Your Life.

Leonard Williams, GED Instructor

My philosophy about teaching is simple.

I believe that learning is about understanding. I don’t think we actually learn something until we understand it.

My job in creating the GED Academy learning program was to find the way to make sure every (Read more...)

student understands even the most complex idea. I think we’ve succeeded at this. Here’s a comment from one of our math students:

“I dreaded the GED math test because I never was any good in math. But when it was really explained to me so that I could get it, then my whole attitude changed.”

When learning is customized to exactly what you need, then it’s a very different experience. You learn quickly and remember it because you understand the fundamentals. It’s yours.

We created an extraordinary educational program that’s not only affordable for everyone, but makes learning even the hardest high school skills a breeze. See for yourself.

Amy Tannenbaum, GED Teacher
If My Students Aren’t Getting It, I’m Not Doing My Job.

Amy Tannenbaum, GED Teacher

I worry about only one thing... Is my student getting it?

As a teacher, it’s really easy to get caught up in textbooks and assessments and even paperwork. That’s why teachers sometimes lose sight of what it’s all about: the student. (Read more...)

Teaching isn’t about tests and bureaucracy! It’s about students. That’s my philosophy in designing the GED Academy Prep Program. I’ve made sure everyone learns, and I mean everyone, no matter how long it’s been since they were in school or what grade they left. If my study program doesn’t help you pass the GED Test and be a success in your life, then I’m failing at my job.

Kimberly Stephens, GED Administrator
A Student Wrote: “Not a Day Goes by That I Don’t Wish I Could Re-do My Life...”

Kimberly Stephens, GED Administrator

A lot of our students tell us they feel this way. They want move on from where they’re stuck and get the education they missed.

The first thing I explain to people is that getting a GED diploma is not like going back to high school. The GED Test is not (Read more...)

a high school exam. The people that write the GED Test decided it wasn’t important if you remembered facts and dates. What’s important is knowing how to think, so the GED Test is a test of thinking skills. And anyone can think, right?

I’m not going to tell you that you can get a GED high school diploma by not doing anything, by just taking one of those fake online high school tests. What good would a GED diploma be if it was just a fake diploma? Employers and colleges want to know that you have real skills... and thinking skills really are the most important for your job, your education, your life.

What gets you ahead in life is education. There’s no mystery in that. And the key to education is learning the right skills. We’ll give you the education you need to be a success. And even better, we’ll do it without making you feel dumb or inadequate. We’ll teach you better. That’s our promise.

Shawna Adler, GED Administrator
My Student Wrote: “I Didn’t Know Who I Was or Where I Was Going.”

Shawna Adler, GED Administrator

Lots of people without a high school education feel this way. And it’s no wonder, because getting a good education can be very difficult for someone without a high school diploma. There are just too many things that get in the way: long work hours, kids to (Read more...)

take care of, cost of tuition, and transportation.

We’re changing that. We have completely reinvented the way people are educated. We’ve made getting a good education inexpensive, accessible to everyone, and much easier. With our program, it’s simple to learn what you need to know to be a success in your life.

Now you can just login to your computer and learn what you need to know when it’s best for you. But making it convenient wasn’t enough.

Most schools just tell you what you need to know and expect you learn it all by yourself. We take a different approach. We make sure you actually know it. That’s our responsibility, and we take it seriously. Check it out for yourself.

Caesar Alvarado, GED Teacher
Nobody Quits School Because Education Isn’t Important.

Caesar Alvarado, GED Teacher

People quit school for lots of reasons: family problems, pregnancy, getting into gangs, or just losing interest in school. But very few people quit school because they don’t think education is important. If schools did a better job at teaching, fewer people (Read more...)

would quit. But a lot of students just aren’t learning. They aren’t getting what they need from school.

There aren’t a lot of options for people who have left the school system. Only 1% of the people who need a GED diploma actually get one. What’s needed is a better way to educate the people who’ve already left school.

We need a whole new kind of learning that treats each student personally and individually. We need to make sure everyone can understand what they need to learn, and that learning is as easy as possible. This new learning makes sure the student actually gets it before they move on.

The new kind of learning is here now. It’s not like anything you have ever experienced before in the classroom. But don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself.

Annie Hughes, GED Instructor
My Students Say: “School Made Me Feel Dumb.”

Annie Hughes, GED Instructor

I’ve heard this over and over from my students. Some students are convinced that they are dumb! That’s what school did... Listen, the problem isn’t with you, the problem is with the schools. They have failed. They made you feel dumb. You’re (Read more...)

not dumb.

It’s time someone invented a different kind of school. One that treated people with respect and dignity, and made very sure that they actually learned what they needed to know.

I think high schools are often more concerned with telling you what you need to know, rather than helping you actually know it. They tell you what courses you need to take and what you’ll learn from them, but they leave learning up to you. You’re just supposed to do it... automatically. And if you don’t, they say it’s your fault!

Schools shouldn’t be like this! There aren’t dumb students... just failing teachers! It’s the teachers that need to make sure students are actually learning. If students aren’t learning, the teacher isn’t teaching. Very simple.

Let me know what you think.

Allen Gibbons, GED Administrator
Classrooms Are Teaching Factories.

Allen Gibbons, GED Administrator

One of our students told me this the other day: “I dropped out of high school because I was not treated like an adult, and that is what I expected.”

ave you ever felt like that? I sure have.

The type of learning you’re used to in the (Read more...)

classroom was invented about 100 years ago... to find a way to educate the masses. The idea of putting a large group of students in a classroom was borrowed from Henry Ford. Our school system has become an assembly line of learning.

Before that, learning was done with one-on-one learning in apprenticeships. In an apprenticeship, the teacher customized the education for the needs of the student... and students learned by doing. But there aren’t enough teachers to teach everyone one-on-one. Teaching everyone is good. But teaching like an assembly line... it doesn’t work! For a long time, there was no solution.

But the Internet has made it possible for one-on-one learning for everyone. You can take control of your own learning. You don’t have to sit in a crowded classroom. With the right study program, you can go online, find exactly what you need to know, and begin right now in the comfort of your own home.

See how GED Academy has brought back one-on-one education.

Dwayne Peterson, GED Math Teacher
Why You Learn Faster. (And Remember More)

Dwayne Peterson, GED Math Teacher

I teach math. Lots of students tell me that math is their hardest subject. When we created our GED math course, I knew it would have to make math easy for people to learn. Here’s what we do to make it easier to learn.

First, we make sure that everything (Read more...)

is explained in plain, simple language and that we use examples from real life. This way, you can relate the math to things you already know. We explain why math is the way it is... so that you really understand instead of just memorizing formulas.

Second, we teach everything from multiple viewpoints or learning styles. Everyone learns things a little differently, so it’s important to explain math ideas in several different ways so that it makes sense to everyone.

Third, we give you the option to get background math ideas that you may have forgotten... or maybe were never taught to you well enough. Our courses start with the basics of math, and as you understand more, you move to more advanced ideas. That way you are never getting in over your head. The harder math gets easier.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Richard Lewis, GED Instructor
My Students Say: “I’m Not Smart Enough!”

Richard Lewis, GED Instructor

I hear this a lot from people who write me. What bothers me most about this attitude is where it comes from.

I believe people are born smart, but when you go to school, get shuffled in with a lot of other kids, and have to learn from boring textbooks and get (Read more...)

tested with boring tests... well, it changes your attitude about yourself.

You see, schools don’t always take into account how people learn differently. Most schools and teachers have decided that one way of learning is better than another. So, someone who understands things visually or kinesthetically usually doesn’t do well in the regular classroom.

A good teaching program needs to address all the differences between students. If it doesn’t, it leaves people behind. We have spent years developing a really different kind of learning experience, one that is customized to exactly the way you learn. And it’s amazing how much it’s like having a private tutor. What I mean is, it makes you successful! Here’s an example.

Andrea Pierson, GED Instructor
My Students Say: “I Forgot Everything I Learned in High School!”

Andrea Pierson, GED Instructor

It’s easy to forget stuff you don’t use... and maybe didn’t know to well to begin with. That’s one reason “going back to school” can seem overwhelming, especially after a few years! Let’s look into that and see if there (Read more...)

isn’t an easy solution.

  1. First, the GED Test is not as hard as most people think. You don’t have to memorize a lot of facts, dates, and rules for the GED Test. It’s mostly a thinking skills test.
  2. Second, our study program is designed to make it very easy to learn. Everything is taught in an easy-to-understand audio/visual movie-like progans you learn faster and remember more.
  3. Third, you don’t need to relearn everything from high school for the GED Test. The GED test writers test only the most important things to know... the things that will contribute most to your success.

My advice is, don’t let your fears get in the way. Once you get into it, you’ll find that getting your GED diploma goes very quickly and is a lot easier than you thought.

Chris Daniels, GED Instructor
Why Our Study Program Is So Affordable.

Chris Daniels, GED Instructor

People often ask us why we’re able to offer such a high quality educational program for less than $200. Most high school study programs cost thousands of dollars.

There are three answers to this (Read more...)


  1. First, we have bundled everything you’ll need to pass the GED Test in one affordable package. By giving you the products together, you can get a lower price on the whole package.
  2. Second, we’re the best-selling GED program available today, so we lower the cost, like getting a volume discount.
  3. And third, we’re committed to making the highest quality education available to the people who need it most. What would be point of creating an educational program that people struggling with finding good jobs couldn’t afford? So, we give you the lowest price we can.

That’s our promise to you: really high quality education at a cost that is affordable to everyone. Let me know if we are not meeting this promise.

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