I still can’t pass GED math.

I took my GED math 6 times I still can’t pass it. What should i do?

Trisha, Gainesvillle, GA


Having trouble passing the GED math test is a common problem. The math test takes different skills from the rest of the GED…and the problem with math is that it’s like a whole new language. If you don’t understand the basics, then the more difficult math seems IMPOSSIBLE.

The first question I’d ask is: how have you been studying? Because the way you’re studying isn’t working. You need to find a new way to study. If you’re studying out of a math book, you need to find something different. If you’re in a class, that’s just not working for you! So, you need to find a good study program, one that will teach you math in a way YOU can understand. That means, starting with the basics, really getting to understand them, and then getting more difficult math explained easily to you, so you can understand it and remember it!

The GED Academy math program has four courses that go over all the math on the GED. Because it’s interactive, it keeps your attention. And you get inside people’s heads, as they work through problems and really learn to understand what math is all about. It starts at the beginning, so you build strong basic math skills that will help you out with the harder math…in other words, when you get to the harder math, it’s not that hard! You learn at your own pace, and can always stop and go over something if you didn’t understand.

There’s another part to this, too, and that’s you! Are you motivated to learn math? Do you see how it applies to your daily life? Do you spend an hour a day studying? Because you need to put in the effort to get the reward. It can be a lot easier if you find a program that explains math in a way that makes sense to you.

It’s frustrating to try and try, and keep failing. That’s why you need to try something DIFFERENT! Find a new study program, find a study partner, find someone who can keep you motivated. Sharing your story is a first step…you’re going out and asking for help! Keep trying new things… until you find something that works. Because it IS possible for you to learn math and pass the GED math test!

The GED Academy

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  1. Hey y’all! So I was supposed to graduate in 2006. I had all my credits but in the lovely state of Texas not only do you have to have all your credits you also have to pass FOUR state test. Reading/writing, History, Science, & Math. I passed all but MATH! So I had to go to school on my last day of being a Senior knowing that I was not going to get to walk across the stage. :( !! I took my GED after & passed Reading/writing. But now five years later I’m really wanting to take it! It haunts me knowing I don’t have a diploma or GED. I think about it all the time. The main reason I want to get it is because I know it will just make feel so much better about myself! :) I’ve ALWAYS been horrible in math. So I’ve been reading & reading about different books to help prepare for the GED. I FINALLY found it! It’s like the teacher, the one on one I never had before!! It’s called McGraw’s-Hill’s GED The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program for the GED Tests. It is so AMAZING!! I will admit it is a bit intimidating..it’s like bigger then the bible but it breaks down everything for you! & it’s not a bad price at all. When I saw it I was like omg this book is going to be at least $60-80 but it was only $35.00! The best $35.00 I could have ever spent!! I PROMISE I will let you all know if I pass!! Good Luck y’all!!

  2. Ive taken the math test got a passing score but have to do better on the other test to get a passing average..anyone is my situation? good luck and wishing u all the best!

  3. Hi Everyone!! I passed all of my exams except for.. you guess!! MATH!!! this will be my 5th time sitting for this exam! something has to give first time I made a 400.. then a 360..370 lastly a 390!! it’s so crazy!!! I pray I pass this time before they change up the test I want to get my GED before I am 30 ..I am 28 now!!! God help us !!


  5. I have a learning disorder, Math is my enemy.

    I have been trying so hard for many many years to try and pass my GED.
    This one G.E.D center rubbed my disorder in my face when a boy passed his GED within a week, they asked me why I couldn’t be like him and why I take months to even solve problems.

    It hurt deep inside.

  6. I just took the GED for the first time after being out of school
    for fifteen years I passed everything but math
    the book I studied from had practice tests for math and I would do good on those,
    when I took the actual GED math test the questions were totally different,
    I started getting nervous I froze up and it was over failed the math.
    so I got a better book on just math and studied for 30 days
    went back and passed got a 2,610 overall with a 522 average
    Just keep studying stay confident and you’ll pass good luck If your taking the test.

  7. March 22 2012
    I am 18 and in a GED school. From the get
    go all I needed was math. Go figure. Im
    with everyone else comments on the math
    GED, rather u have been trying for years
    or a few months it quickly becomes frustrating and discouraging.
    Everyone in my math class only needs math!
    So it seems to be an un-ending issue for many out there.
    I have not taken the GED yet, just the official practice test. Twice
    Not only didn’t i pass but scored lower the second time!
    Everything I learned in that stupid class was either 10x harder
    or not on the test at all! So this has me in big fear of the real thing.
    I’m going to take the official practice in a few weeks.
    In big hopes of passing. I want to pass the GED by May.
    I am having major anxiety over this, I’m sure we all agree
    that this is taking over our lives. We are better than this
    and by not passing it can fool u into thinking ur not.
    But that is so untrue!!!!!!!!! Hope all goes well for everyone.

  8. All of you are discribing DYSCALCULIA.. it means the part of your brain that does automatic math (the calculator) is missing. It is not your fault, it is a Learning disability. You need to be tested and get the testing assistance you need on this math. They can add accomdations for you. Look it up. Dis-Cal-cu-la…. You have to be smart to have made it this far with this problem. It also sometimes, comes with short term memory issues. If you have another problem like Audiotory Processing Disorder will give you short term memory issues. This too makes math very hard, because you can’t remember why you were adding something, or where it was suppose to go. Check out LEARNING DISABILITIES , get the help you need and get your GED. Good Luck

  9. Pass all my classes expect math too know how y’all feel,but not giving on getting just gotta keep at it.Dont feel down people be happy everyone is going eventually pass and on into better we just gotta study more.

  10. It is unfortunate what is happening to many of you. As far as the comment by the person with the learning disability; there shouldn’t be any exceptions. This is basic knowledge and much easier than four full years of high school. This is nonsense.

  11. I’ve taken all Parts Of the ged. Tomorrow is math. I’m so nervous. I pray that I pass with flying colors. Pray for me.

  12. I passed my ged test. Today is ceremony day. I must admit that I’m very proud of myself. None of my family is able to attend, but that’s okay with me. For anyone who’s taking the test, study hard and you will pass.

  13. To Jessica Morales, I know exactly what you mean!

    I’m 42, and dropped out of school because it was easier than telling people that math might as well be Egyptian Hyroglyphic’s where I’m concerned!

    I did very well in the subject’s that didn’t require math, but if its anything other than basic math, I feel like a complete idiot.

    I made a 20 year career, and made a load of money until I was laid off last year. Now I find myself unable to get a job without a stupid GED or Diploma. I thought, “a successful 20n year career must’ve prepared me for the GED test”. NOT! I bought the prep test and study guide’s, and now I feel like I’m right back in school and stupid!

    I have no idea why I’m typing all of this since it won’t help me get any closer to a GED. Venting I guess. My wife thinks I just need to study harder, or that I need to learn it in a different way. She doesn’t understand that it’s all a giant mess of numbers with no ryme or reason no matter what anyone does to them!

  14. hey Eddie here well im 47 now still cant pass the stupid test give up guess i will be in consruction forever i give up on the stupid test after 4 years of trying!

  15. lve took math 8times i just dont know what am doin wrong i study very hard am getn ready to take it again on 2\26\13 lve got to pass this 110 points off i refuse to start all over next year it feel like a big waste if i have to start all over and dont know if i can so pray for me i really need this tryin get lpn school please pray God help us

  16. i have been trying for years to pass math to get my ged. I don’t need but a 270 to pass but i can’t take the pratice test until i can get 400 and something. I am about to give up. I want my ged so bad but it just not going to happen. I hate to say i quit, but i can’t keep doing this. it is making me sick

  17. hi everyone, i was reading all comments, it is all about math. i have been taking the test since 2006, i still can’t pass it, i have only 30 points away to pass the test, these 30 points were here since 2011. my worse subject are the reading and science. i cannnnnnot understand the poetry at all, i don’t know what else to do anymore. the test will change in 2014, i already take the test in january this year, i still did not pass it, now i have only 2 chances left, it is like my points are moving backward. i have 460 in writting, 460 in social studies, 450 in math, 420 in science, 440 in reading.i cry almost everyday,i say to my lord, are you going to let that happen, after all those years taking the test, are you really going to let me loose my points and then start over. i don’t think so lord, i am your servant, i found a lot of fake ged certificate, i refused them just because of you. you are alive, you are not fake, the son of lion is lion no matter how it looks, so you are not a fake god, i will never be a fake servant. i will come back here to share my testamony with you guys. i will pray for you guys as well.

  18. Hello beautiful people, just wanted to say that I’ve read all of the comments and just remember to stay encouraged. Yes, this test sucks rocks but you can do it! You are more than qualified in the name of Jesus. just keep pushing, praying and studying, you will pull thru.
    I took the test in 2012 exactly one year ago, passed everything with flying colors but math.I been out of school since 06, I never had any type of math my freshmen year of high school so I missed a lot of stuff. I just retook it yesterday and I feel so much better, God has a bigger plan for my life so I have to be obedient and at least try.
    It well all work out. Love you beautiful people:), be blessed.

  19. I guess we are all in the same boat. I taken the math twice in 2011, and twice this year 2013 and fail by 20 points. I’m at my breaking point, this is crazy. I’m 40 years old, and my teen daughter can’t believe that Ole mom don’t have an High School Diploma. I have one more time to take it before next year, because everything goes up $100 and you are required to retake the entire test. If I don’t pass this time, before next year I’m finish. If the government don’t change this math, the economic problem will be getting a whole lot worse than better.

  20. I took my GED four month ago and I failed in reading and social studies. In second try I pass in all subject but sadly I don’t score higher enought to get higher school diploma. Passing is 2250 and I got 2170 with 80 point I have to do the test again.

  21. Hi, I gave my GED two times, first time I failed in history and reading
    I got 400 in history and 380 in reading. Then I retook that subjects
    And luckily I pass in all subject but I didn’t high enought to2250
    I score 2170. I need help what should I do to cover that score. Please help me!
    Stuck in GED!!!

  22. Right the GED Math test is totally insane and inane and I am 64 years old never did pass that stupid test. They new 22 years ago I had learning math disabilities and they need to get over some things I we can pass the basics it should be good enough. Algie never wore a bra. Don’t need one. I never have had a need for that stupid math no one uses unless your an engineer or some such. No need for it. I now have a granddaughter age 17 she has tried everything and it is causing her great anguish she has several disabilities and is not able to pass this math part of GED. Tutors cost money and low income people can’t afford them. There are GED things in math that should not be in the test for ANYONE who has learning and math disabilities. It cost money for doctors to get tested too and lots of test again no money for the test to prove dyscalcilia and I KNOW damned well I have it and so does my granddaughter. If we can do the basics should be good enough do not tell me they are fair or help been there done that and this old grandmother knows they set many with disabilities up to fail and demand tests that I sure the hell do not see them paying for and low income people cannot afford them. So much for EQUAL RIGHTS it is about GREED not helping.

  23. I’ve taken the GED twice also, aced all the parts except MATH, the math portion is just crazy every time I see it my mind just draws a blank, cause like someone stated previous we will never see those math problems again in our lives. Why not make it a simple math test such as addition subtraction multiplying and dividing and decimals cause those are the math issues that we will face in real day to day life situations not (if Jason left home at 4 how long will it take him to make it to work if the travels 40mph) really what does that have to do with my day to day living. I’m going for it again soon so I pray that I pass this time, because if we don’t pass it before this year is out we will have to take the entire test again next year!!!! Lord Help Me!!!! Praying for better Days.

  24. i have taken it 4 times already, first time i did bad, second i did worse… then i had a breakthrough when i scored a 400 and i needed a 410, so naturally i thought i was making progress, then i took it again and scored lower. so i understand how stressful it is, im 22 years old, and im able to finally see all the opportunities that become possible by obtaining it. which is why it feels like such a desperate situation. especially with this whole 2014 thing and ill have to take them all again if i dont finally pass it now. so its alot of pressure on everybody trying to get it. so goodluck everybody, i hope we turn out successful in this situation.

  25. hi, Just thought ill leave a comment as well i have taken the math ged 3xs already i have not succeeded in it when i didnt study i got a 360 wheni study i gotten a 380 when i thought it was my last time in just knew i had it i got a 400 hurt me deep literally real deep like why cant they just give us the extra 10 point if were that close for at least trying i know they see our names up there like he/she at it again like us probs for not giving up we sheesh i pray we all succeed in this stressful math part crazy i though i was the only one i guess im not lol money i count all day but what the hell is { if molly played for 4 hours and jason played for 3 hours how many hours in 3 days they each play} HOLD PAUSE!!!! WHAT IDK HOW THE HELL IM GONG TO DO THAT WITH NO INFO

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