Should I Get a GED Certificate Online?

Be careful. Most online certificates are not accepted by colleges and employers. The reason is simple. If the certificate is earned by taking a test online, then there is no way of knowing who really took the test. This is why colleges and employers insist on a GED certificate. Find out what a GED certificate is worth to you.

But What If They Say They Are Accredited?

Some online high schools offer an easy, fast GED certificate online for taking an online test, and say they are accredited. If you investigate, the accreditation agency is owned by the same people. It’s a fake, just like the GED online certificate. An important thing to find out is whether the certificate will be accepted at the college you want to attend or by employers. Learn more about fake online schools.

The GED Certificate Is Awarded by Your State.

The GED certificate is so widely accepted because it is earned by taking an official test, overseen by the American Council on Education and administered by your state department of education. It might seem challenging to pass, but not if you prepare the right way. GED online prep can be easy!

GED Life Preserver
Don’t Get Scammed!

Don’t waste your time and money on websites that claim to give you a GED certificate online. These are scams. They just print out documents on a computer. A real GED certificate is issued to you by your state when you pass the test at one of the official GED testing centers. Find out where to take a real GED test.

GED Academy Is Your Path to a GED Certificate.

The GED Academy goes beyond the standards for teaching you what’s on the official test. We help you get your state-awarded GED certificate by creating a personal plan for your learning. See how fast you can be ready.

Let Us Know Your Questions.

We can help you navigate the rough seas of online education. If you have questions about online GED classes, online high schools, or anything related to the GED test, we want to help. Contact us by email or call 800-460-8150 for the help you need.

The GED Academy Guarantee

The GED Academy gives you something that most programs can’t: a guarantee. We know that you’ve struggled, and maybe you distrust education or aren’t sure you can succeed. We’re sure you can, and that you’ll get the real GED certificate you need for colleges and jobs. We give you a pass-or-don’t-pay money-back guarantee.

How Hard Is
the GED Test?

The key to the GED test is preparation. We make the GED test easier than you think by helping you brush up on the right skills, in the right way. We’ve helped thousands earn a GED credential and go on to new careers and colleges.

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What Is the
GED Academy?

The GED Academy is a new kind of school. It will give you the education you need to go on to college, career training, and new job opportunities. You won’t believe how easy and simple learning can be.

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How Much
Does It Cost?

Save Money

The GED Academy makes GED test prep affordable and convenient. We give you payment options that will work for you so you can afford everything you need to prepare for the GED test online.

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How Can I Get My
GED Certificate Fast?

The fastest way to get your GED certificate is to study online. Online GED test prep gives you the freedom to study at the best time for you and at your own pace. It eliminates all the stress and embarrassment of the classroom.

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