GED Rhode Island General Information

Rhode Island GED Testing Info

Rhode Island awards the Rhode Island Senior High School Equivalency Diploma to candidates who pass the GED exams in Rhode Island.

The GED testing fee in Rhode Island is $55 for all five tests. The GED test is available in English and Spanish languages in Rhode Island and can be taken at any of the Rhode Island Official GED Testing Centers. Be sure to check specific testing information with your local GED test center, since fees, schedules, test languages, and other requirements may vary.

To pass the GED test, you will need to score a minimum of 410 on each test, and an average of 450. Find out more answers about the GED test at the GED FAQ.

Rhode Island GED Practice Test

The best way to make sure you pass the Rhode Island GED test is to be prepared. If you think you’re ready for the test, or if you want to know what to study, you should take a GED practice test. Rhode Island requires you to pass an Official GED Practice Test at a test center to take the GED exam. Studying at home with a practice test can help you prepare and improve your GED scores. Find out about online GED practice tests for Rhode Island.

Rhode Island GED Testing Eligibility

To take the GED test in Rhode Island you must be at least 16 years old. You must not be enrolled in a public or private high school, and you must not already have a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can take the Rhode Island GED test only if you meet special eligibility requirements. If you are 17, you must not be enrolled in secondary school, and you must have special permission from the Chief Examiner at your testing center. If you are 16, you must have been withdrawn from school for at least six months, and you must have permission from the Commissioner of Education to take the test.

Don’t take the Rhode Island GED test unless you’re prepared. You can pass, but if you’re like most people, you’ll need some brush-up and to get familiar with the test. Find out about GED online classes.

Rhode Island GED: College Eligibility

More than 60 percent of GED test-takers plan to go on to college. The GED exam can help you get there. Ninety-eight percent of colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the GED credential, though some colleges require additional tests, such as the SAT or the ACE. Check with the admissions offices of the colleges you’re interested in for their requirements. Beware of online high school degrees that colleges won’t accept.

Rhode Island GED Retesting

If you took the RI GED test and did not pass, you don’t have to take the whole test again, just the parts you did not pass. You need to take all five tests before you retest in any subject, and you need to pass all five subject tests within three years, or else retake the whole exam. The Chief Examiner of your testing center will determine whether you need to wait and what preparation you need before retesting depending on your score. Before you test again, it’s a good idea go back and study, to make sure that you’re prepared. The fee to retest in Rhode Island is $4 per subject.

Think you’re ready to retest? Try a GED practice test.

Rhode Island GED Testing Accommodations

You may ask for testing accommodations for physical or mental issues that may affect your ability to take the test, including learning disabilities, ADHD, psychiatric or psychological conditions, and physical/chronic health conditions. You will need relevant medical or academic records and a current evaluation of your condition by a doctor or psychologist, plus a detailed letter or report from your evaluator. You will also need to fill out an Accommodations Request Form for either ADHD, Emotional/Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, or Health Disabilities, which has sections for you, the GED Chief Examiner in your area, and your evaluator. Read the testing accommodations guidelines for more information.

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Rhode Island GED Transcripts

You can get a copy of your Rhode Island GED transcripts or diploma from the Rhode Island Department of Education. Just print and fill out the Rhode Island GED Release Form. Follow the instructions on the form, and mail it in to the address on the form along with your fee and a copy of a valid photo ID. The cost is $5 for each duplicate Rhode Island GED transcript or diploma.

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The fastest way to get your GED certificate is to study online. Online GED test prep gives you the freedom to study at the best time for you and at your own pace. It eliminates all the stress and embarrassment of the classroom.

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Yes! A practice test will help you determine if you are ready for the actual GED® test. Sign up for our Free Practice Test.

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The key to the GED test is preparation. We make the GED test easier than you think by helping you brush up on the right skills, in the right way. We’ve helped thousands earn a GED credential and go on to new careers and colleges.

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GED RI Testing Centers and Test Prep

To find local GED schools in Rhode Island, the best resources are local adult education centers, libraries, community colleges, and adult schools. Resources for GED classes in Rhode Island are listed below, as well as Rhode Island GED testing centers.

Local GED Programs versus Online GED Courses

Local GED programs provide classroom learning, often similar to high school programs. Online GED courses provide GED test prep in your home, on your own schedule. The GED Academy online GED courses create a customized learning experience to walk you through getting your Rhode Island GED.

GED Programs in Rhode Island

View a list of adult education programs in Rhode Island that can help you get ready for your GED test. Call for information about GED programs and GED classes in your area.

Find Rhode Island GED test centers.

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